Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day at the Park

Last week Jim and I took the kids to the park near our house. We had fun running around together, and feeding the ducks and geese. Actually we only fed the ducks, the two geese at the park were the MEANEST geese you've ever seen!! They honked at you the whole time, and if you even took a step in their direction they would chase after you, beaks ready to snap at anything they could reach. I basically played a game of tag with them the whole time. I pushed Hunter in the stroller, the geese would get mad and start chasing me, and I would run Hunter in the other direction.

I asked Jim if these geese were just naturally mean, or if someone messed around with them sometime, and so now they don't trust humans. We both figured it was it was the second scenario. Some kid probably tried to do something not-so-nice with these goosey wadlers one too many times, and created some nasty breed of honky beaks. Too bad. If you ever happen upon this park, beware of the geese. Actually, it's quite amusing to run around with them.

Here are some pics from our little outing:
I made Jim sit on the swing pictured below. I told him to act silly for the picture. This is what he delivered:
I snapped the next picture when Tralee was attempting to climb up the slide. This was right when she slipped and slid all the way back down. She was ticked!
The infamous geese

We saw an otter in the stream
After the park we went to my FAVORITE place for a treat: TCBY! I LOVE TCBY!!! I always get their soft serve white chocolate mouse swirled with the fruity flavor of the day. This day it was some kind of berry. DELISH!!!!
Hunter liked it too.
Tralee didn't want to leave TCBY. She stood in the doorway like this for several minutes until she finally gave in.
We had a fun afternoon.


Cammi said...

Looks like so much fun minus the crazy mean geese. I love the last pic of Tralee refusing to leave! hahah.. she's too funny...
Love you guys!

Boom said...

I love it when you post! Thanks!

Love, Mom

Joete's Playground said...

we have mean geese at the park by our house too. they attacked beckham once when we were feeding the ducks. came right up to him and started pecking at his hands to get the bread. poor guy was traumatized! other than the mean geese, glad you had a good time!

Audie said...

What the heck!! An otter!?! I wanna go see it!!

Jim said...

Hunter is starting to look just like Brady in the eyes. Genes are amazing!