Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rainy Day

The weather has been a little on the rainy side lately and I LOVE IT! There's something about gray clouds and rain that just brightens my mood. The only downer to misty weather is park playing is a little out of the question. We didn't let the rain hinder our plans for some outdoor time though. Tralee got in her rain boots, rain coat, mittens, and had a grand 'ol time splashing in our backyard.

Hunter and Corky watched Tralee play from the back sliding door. Don't worry Hunter, someday I'll let you play in the rain too.

Tralee was ready to come in at this point. I had closed the door, and she was looking in through the glass.
After I helped Tralee out of her wet clothes, I put on a movie, wrapped her in a down comforter, and I would have made hot cocoa, but she didn't want any (weird, I know). So we snuggled for a bit until Tralee was warm, and wanted to go play upstairs with her toys.

I hope another rainy day is right around the corner.


Joni said...

She is sooo cute. I wanna come play with her!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Love this post! The picture of Hunter watching Tralee is priceless - his sad little "I wanna do it to!" expression just kills me!