Monday, February 8, 2010

More Potty Talk

Yes, I'm doing another potty training post. Skip this one of you're sick of all the potty talk. However, this will be the last post on this topic. . . for a while at least.

After I did my post asking for help with potty training, I got a lot of great advice (thank you to those who came to my aid). The BEST thing that happened was Jim's cousin, Amberly, told me about the Three Day Potty Training method. Jim's Aunt Michelle had the book on hand so she let me borrow it. I followed this method and it totally worked!!! Tralee is potty trained!!!! YIPPEE! Thank you Amberly for the suggestion. Thank you Aunt Michelle for running the book over, and thank you Three Day Potty Training!

We started the new method last Monday. The basic concept is to put the child in underwear, stay by their side for three days, and constantly remind them to use the potty when they need to go. If they start to go, run them to the potty. By day two Tralee was still having accidents, and I was getting frustrated. I had been peed on a lot, for two days in a row, while running Tralee to the bathroom. I never got frustrated with Tralee, as the three day method is strictly about guiding with love. I was just worried and upset inwardly. I'll admit I ate a lot of brownies on day two, and some tears were shed (mine this time), as I wondered if Tralee would ever get it. Then by the end of day two, The Miracle happened. Tralee looked at me and said, "Tralee go potty." Then she ran to the bathroom, and took care of business like a pro. I was shocked, amazed, happy, and proud. Isn't it amazing that something so small, like your child using the bathroom for the first time, brings you so much joy. Tralee was super proud of herself too. It just all came together. Tralee has had no accidents with pee since then, it took another day or two for her to master code brown alerts.

As of Thursday evening we've been completely accident free -- even through the night! Tralee also hasn't been requesting potty treats after she goes. All she wants is lots of praise, and believe me, she gets it.

Hooray for only having one child in diapers!


Boom said...

You would have thought I accomplished this somehow the way I'm bawling after reading your post. Tell Miss Tralee her treat is on the way! I'm so proud of her!

Love, Grandma Char Char

Audie said...


Jim said...

Ya Tralee!!:-)


Cammi said...

OH HEAVENS YES!!!!! Yay for Tralee!!! And yay for your sanity!! I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out!!

Joni said...

Oh man that is so awesome. Good job Leslie...and Tralee!

Amberly said...

yea, yea, yea!!! I'm so glad you found success!! I'm super proud of you for sticking with it, hooray!

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