Thursday, February 18, 2010

Journaling about My Babies

A constant topic of conversation between Jim and me is our kids. What did we ever talk about before we entered parenthood? I have no clue. We often compare Tralee and Hunter's personalities, because they are just so different. They were different right from the get-go. Let's compare, shall we?

Pregnancies and Births
I was sick the first twenty weeks or so when I was pregnant with Tralee. I couldn't stand the thought of mayo or lettuce, I hated the smell of grocery stores, and food in general was not my friend. After morning sickness subsided hearburn kicked in. I had such bad heart burn with Stinks that I had to get on some meds. I also swelled to an uncomfortable size. My hands and feet were huge. My feet looked like Fred Flintstone's. Seriously, they belonged in bedrock. I couldn't even fit them into crocks some days. I also had to be tested for gestational diabetes (not fun) with my little stinkbug. So, to sum it up, my pregnancy with Tralee wasn't the most relaxing thing I've ever done.

Her birth, though not bad as far as some birth stories go, wasn't easy either. When I gave birth to Tralee it took some time and Tralee made it as difficult as she could. First, she was a sunny-side-up baby, and the doctor wouldn't let me keep pushing until she flipped herself back around. Then we found out the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. We often say that was just Tralee's way of hanging on until she was ready to come out on her terms. Finally, after forty-five minutes of pushing Tralee made her debut. She got a nearly perfect APGAR score of nine (we were told the doctor never gives 10s anyways), because with everything she does, it has to be perfect. . . for her. Tralee wants things just-so.

My pregnancy with Hunter was easy. I was really tired the first few weeks, but after that no complications at all. I didn't throw up once. In fact, I never felt sick. I craved red meat and cheese with my boy. I did get some night-time heartburn, but nothing a few tums couldn't cure. As far as Hunter's birth goes, it was text-book. I was induced, I labored most of the day, and then I was ready to push. It took two pushes with the same contraction to bring Hunter into the world. We say he heard that we were ready for him to make his debut, so he just came right out. We imagine him thinking, "Oh, you're ready? All right. Here I come." His APGAR score was an eight. No big worries, he was just right.

In the Hospital
My stay in the hospital with Tralee was tiring. Tralee was up every hour to eat and eat and eat and eat. She refused to take a binki, and was pretty much already calling the shots.

I was geared up for another tiring few days in the hospital after I had Hunter, and was pleasantly surprised that my baby boy was content to just sleep. I had to coax him into eating, and honestly probably wouldn't have even noticed he was around if I didn't feel the motherly urge to sit and stare at him.

As Babies. . . in General

Tralee was a difficult baby. She only wanted me. She was fussy. She wanted to nurse round the clock. I had to time my activities out around her feeding schedule, because I knew I would only have so much time to get things done.

Much like my hospital stay, I was geared and ready to have sleepless nights with Hunter.  I remembered being exhausted with Tralee, but I never was with Hunter. Yes I was tired, but not cry-myself-silly exhausted as I was the first time around. Hunter was always content to just be with his family, and he only needed to nurse every three hours or so. He slept well. Ate well. Cuddled well. He was an easy baby.

Eating Habits

Tralee is my picky eater. When introduced to a new food, she eyes it down, and if it passes the first glance, she'll stick her tongue out to taste it. If her tongue approves, she'll actually take a bite. If not, well. . . let's just say it takes a lot of coaxing to try and get her to eat something she's doesn't want to. Most of the time, once I get her to try something, she'll have more. And actually, latley she's been open to try more and more things. I hope it's a sign of things to come! Tralee's favorites are: bananas, graham crackers and milk, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate milk, pizza, yogart, pancakes, oranges, carrots, blueberry waffels, and her favorite treat at the moment is brownies. I only bake a treat on Sunday. The treat is usually gone by Monday or Tuesday. That leaves the rest of the week for Tralee to ask for more "grownies."

Hunter will eat just about anything. The only thing Hunter has ever turned his nose up to is baby rice ceral. . . actually all baby food. He likes the good stuff, and will eat whatever we're having. He'll try it all! Sometimes he'll eat in his high chair, and once he's done there, he'll prowl around for more food. If Jim and I are snacking on something, Hunter sniffs it out in a matter of seconds.


I remember people commenting on how softly Tralee cried as a baby. I didn't think her cry was all that soft until Hunter came around.

Hunter has some LUNGS! The boy can scream if he's not happy. Screaming is usually caused by being tired or hungry. Typical man. He's a bear if his stomach is empty or he's short on his beauty sleep.

Around People

As a baby Tralee only wanted me. It was nice that she loved me so much, but difficult when others tried to help hold her for me. She wouldn't tolerate other's company for quite some time -- not even Jim! Finally, around 18-months it all changed and she loved to play with others. She also realized how much fun her daddy could be, and loved to play, snuggle, and have fun with him. Tralee is still quiet when strangers try to talk to her, and often looks up at me for some help. However, once she gets to know someone, she's ready to be their friend.

Hunter has and will go to pretty much anyone. He's happy to have a new face to look at. He prefers familiar faces, but is happy to try out a new one every once in awhile.


Tralee has a great imagination. Since she was just a little stink she could entertain herself. It's so fun to listen to her jabber to her favorite stuffies. Although she can play by herself, she LOVES to be around other children. When we go to the park she'll gravitate towards one or two kids, and just follow them around or start up a game of chase.

Hunter does NOT like to be left alone. He'll let you know right away that he's upset if he's left alone in a room. The really fun thing is that now that Hunter is a bit older, Tralee and him are becoming great playmates. I can't wait to see them run around together.


Tralee didn't say her first word until around 18 months. It was ball. She was a late bloomer in the talking department.

Hunter said his first word at nine months. His first word was "uh-oh." He also tries to mimick all other sounds we say.


As different as Tralee and Hunter are, there are a few similarities. Firstly, they look like siblings -- that's a given. Also, right around 11-months Tralee and Hunter both took on the "mogli pose." They also learned to climb up the stairs around 9 or ten months, and it became their favorite past time. Asserting their independence is a natural for both of my kids. Hunter has started to push my hand away when I try to feed him, and steal the utensil away to feed himself. Tralee did the same thing at Hunter's age, so I'm sure Hunter's right on track to be a little stuborn thing like his big sister.

A Few More Mentionables

So to sum it up, Tralee is our little diva. She's stubborn, head-strong, and wants to do things her way or no way. She just started using the phrase, "No! I want to do it BY. MY. SELF!" Followed by crossing her arms, and stomping her foot. The upside to Tralee's big emotions is how sensitive she is. If I stub my toe, Tralee runs right over and asks, "You okay Mommy?" When I answer, "Yeah Baby, I'll be okay. I just hurt my toe." She'll respond, "Oh. You hurt your toe. I'll tiss it better." Then she gives me the softest little kiss. It melts my heart. If Jim and I even pretend to get mad at each other Tralee comes to our aid and says, "No! Don't talk like that!" She knows how things should be, and wants to make sure it stays that way.

Tralee is also creative. She loves to paint, color, sidewalk chalk -- you name it! She loves to play at the park, swinging and sliding are her favorites. Although building a mountain of woodchips is high on the list of park priorities as well. She just recently went down the big slide that she's always been too afraid to go down. Tralee loves to pretend she's an animal, mostly a kitty or doggy. She loves to play with her animals, and prefers them over baby dolls. Tralee has really been into reading books latley, which is a lot of fun. She used to only sit still for a page or two before taking off to get to the next activity. Now she brings a large pile of books to me several times a day wanting to read with me. She's growing up. She's talking more and more. She's pushing the limitis more and more. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Hunter is my laid back little dude. There have been times when he started fussing, and a few seconds later Tralee started fussing as well. When this happens, usually Hunter stops, and looks at his sister as if to say, "Ok, FINE! You go ahead first, and I'll deal with my problem later." Hunter is a lot less demanding than his big sister. I know I can count on him to be patient if I need him to be. That is of course, unless he's tired or hungry. Espeically if he's tired. He's a CRANKYSNORT when he needs to go to sleep.

Hunter is fasinated with the world around him. Now that he's found mobilities with crawling, he just wants to go and go and go. We usually have to take him out of sacrament meeting at church, because he wants out of the pew. Everytime we pick him up, and put him back in the pew with us, he chews us out. Hunter is a good little pointer. If you ask him, "What do you see?" He'll point his chubby little finger at something and say, "Goo." Take him somewhere he's never been before and his pointer finger gets a work out.

This parenting thing sure is a riot. I love my children. They are my biggest sorce of joy, and also my biggest sorce of frustration. Between the two of them I always have a mess to clean up. My house is never perfectly clean, and I imagine it won't be for a while.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  The joys outnumber the frustrations everyday.  I'm blessed.

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