Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Made $10 Shopping Today!

I would have made closer to $15, but I got some clearance deals for .50 each. I like to keep my eye out for clearance deals after holidays. Since Valentines just ended the Target dollar bins had all their red dot items half off. I like to get little gifts for Tralee and Hunter on clearance, and save them for the next holiday coming up. So, some of the items pictured will find their way into Easter baskets.
Michaels Crafts also usually has good clearance deals after holidays. I went in after Halloween and got Tralee a few sets of black and orange play dough for .29 (originally $2.99) each. I saved them for stocking stuffers and birthday presents. Tralee doesn't care that it's Halloween play dough, she's just happy to have something new to play with. I went in the other day and got some cute frog, turtle, and bird foam crafts for .39 each plus, I had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. The items were red and pink for Valentines, but again, Tralee won't care. . . all she sees is a fun craft we can do together. So I spent a couple dollars, and got some cute things I'll save for upcoming birthdays and holidays. If you sign up for Michaels e-mail newsletters they'll send you good coupons now and again.
Anywho. . . back to today's purchases.
Without coupons and deals all of this would have come to $104.08. I spent $24.92 out of pocket, but I also got back $20 in Target gift cards, and I'm going to submit for a $15 Olay rebate. . . so I actually made money. . . $10.08 to be exact.
Not too shabby!


Cammi said...

oh my word all that lotion or bodywash whatever it is, and razors and little goodies!! And you made 10 bucks!! AWESOME!

amy said...

Way to go!! I wish I had the patience to deal with coupons and search for deals. was the body wash on clearance...or that had the mail-in rebate? I've always wanted to try that stuff...but never wanted to pay that much for it (cuz I'm cheap).I can't wait to see you in JUNE! (hopefully)

Boom said...

Go girl!

Audie said...

Hooray for being paid to shop!!!