Monday, February 22, 2010

Always On Our Toes

Tralee is going to be our child that always keeps us on our toes. But, before I get into that let me tell you about the first part of our day.

This morning we woke up, got ready, and headed to the doctor's office for Tralee's three year appointment and Hunter's nine month appointment. Both kids are doing well. We prepped Tralee by telling her what was going to happen, and mimicked all the places the doctor was going to look. When it came time for Dr. B to look in her ears, eyes, mouth, and listen to her heart Tralee was a pro! We were so proud! We talked to the doctor about Tralee's speech still being behind. We all decided a visit to a speech therapist for an assessment might not be a bad idea. Her talking is coming along and improving everyday, but to be on the safe side, we're going to have a specialist meet with her. I'm not too worried about it, if she needs some help with her speech, so be it. I know she's as smart as a whistle, but her mouth is still trying to catch-up and learn all the sounds it needs to say. Now, for records sake:

Tralee is in the 97th percentile for weight and height. Dr. B said she's about the height of a four-and-a-half year old. So. . .she's about a year and a half ahead in growth. We also found it interesting that Tralee weighs as much as how long she is. 41 lbs and 41 inches.

As for Hunter. He was a little joy through our appointment. Everything is going well with him. The doctor was surprised to hear that he's already cruising around while holding onto our furniture. Hunter's stats are 75 percentile for weight and 90th for height. He's going to be tall just like his big sister!

So. . . that's what happened at the doctor's office. Then Jim and I decided to take Tralee to a play place as her treat for behaving so well at the doctor's office. This is the part about Tralee keeping us on our toes.

Let me sigh before I continue typing.


Kay. . . so, Tralee is playing in the play place for a while. She's doing well. We're having fun watching her run around. She's proud of herself for figuring out how to climb up to the BIG TALL slide and go down it. She's never done that before. The slide is on the very top part of the play place. . . four levels up. You have to start climbing on level two (over a rock wall, under some tube things, and around a few more obstacles) to get to it. The bottom of the slide is back on level two, and every time Tralee exits the slide she comes to push her nose against the fencing and tell us, "I did it! I went down big slide!" We, of course give her praise. All is going well. Then I hear something that doesn't sound quite right. It's the sound of friction, like there's bare skin going down a slide. Well, the next thing Jim and I see is Tralee exit the slide and run by on level two with her bottom half BUCK NAKED!!

"Go get her! Go get her!" I yell to Jim as he's already halfway up the play place. I could feel my face turn bright red as a myriad of thoughts run through my head, Oh no! I hope she didn't pee. . . or poop! I hope there isn't a sex predator around! I hope Jim can find her clothes. I hope the other parents don't get mad. I hope they don't think we're awful parents. I hope Jim can catch Tralee quick. . . I get up with Hunter and try to help direct Jim. Meanwhile, I see Tralee dash by a few more times (out of reach of course) showing everyone her birthday suit. There's a group of parents and grandparents sitting at a table near me. Luckily, they think the whole situation is hilarious and make light of it. They ask me if Tralee strips down often. I answer, "Yes, but this is the first time she's done it in public!" Then they laugh and tell me how funny it is. I reply by saying, "Funny for everyone except her parents!! We're just mortified!" Then the mom says, "You know, there are colonies she can go live when she's older if she keeps making this behavior a habit!" I give a half-hearted laugh, but still wonder what's going on inside the play place.

Eventually Jim makes his way out holding a fully dressed Tralee. Whew! Jim tells me he checked around the play place and didn't find any pee or poo for us to deal with. Another big whew! So with that, we decide to leave right then and there.

On the way home Jim tells me he found Tralee's clothes in the hardest possible place to reach. A place where no adult is meant to go. . . of course. The next task, after finding her clothes, was finding Tralee who was on her way back up for another ride down the Bare Bum Express slide. Also on the ride home was a conversation Jim and I had with Tralee about keeping your clothes on in public. I hope it sunk in.

Goodness gracious this girl!! We're always on our toes with this one. I'm afraid to ask what she's going to do next.


Boom said...

That is too funny! What a girl! Did she tell you what she was thinking?

Love Mom

Cammi said...

Oh My Word!! You really do have your hands full with that one. Sorry that I laughed :) She's a wild one that girl!

Nana said...

Tralee the stripper, She will eventually grow out of this I'm sure, but a real handful at the worse possible times.
Keep some of the writings and show her what she did as a little girl some day.
I can feel for you Leslie and Jim, but time flies and soon she should be out of the phase. Love, Nana

Joni said...

Bare Bum Express!!! That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing Leslie! :)

Audie said...

HAHA!!! I wish I could have been there. Look on the bright side. Even if she doesn't grow out of this phase, you know she'll make good money when she's older!!

susieq said...

I agree with Jo, the Bare Bum Express!!!! That is priceless!! She may get this from her cousin Henry! When he was about that age (and potty training as well) we were going to the park. He kept doing the 'potty dance' and I kept asking him if he needed to go BEFORE we went out. "No, let's go!" was his answer. Well, we're not at the park five minutes when I can't see Henry!!! All the sudden I see a bare bum and pants down to some kids ankles - ok it was Henry! He whipped it out and started peeing on a rock in front of EVERYONE!!! I came over grabbed him and we all went home!! I don't know if anyone noticed, but like you, I was mortified!! So, all our children do this and it is embarrassing, but don't worry, they'll probably have one just like them someday ;)