Thursday, February 4, 2010

Callister Sled and Swim Party 2010

Saturday, January 30th we headed to Garden Valley for the Annual Callister Sledding and Swimming Party hosted by Jake and JoAnn. As always, we had a blast. Here are a few (or a lot) of pictures from our day in the snow.

Hunter Owen, not too sure how much he likes the cold, white, wet stuff

Yeah, Hunter definitely wasn't a fan of the snow. . .maybe next year. Tralee sure had fun.

Family shot

Cousins in the snow

Hunter and Mommy

These two Callister cousins sure had fun

I like the stink-eye she's giving me.

Another little ice princess

Tralee and Makayla went up and down the hill in this tube a billion times. Whichever strong man was around, toted them up to the top, gave them a push, and then these two little three-year-olds giggled all the way down.

At another time Tralee was standing right at the bottom of the hill, in the very middle. Not the brightest place to be at a sledding party. Three other cousins were sledding down the hill in this purple tube. They were headed right towards Tralee. Her back was turned, so she didn't see what was coming. I was sitting down with Hunter and wasn't able to go rescue Tralee. Not even sure I would have got there in time if I tried. So, instead I watched as this tube bashed into Tralee, then I watched Tralee's body do a flip mid-air (think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon slow-motion kung-fu type stuff), and then I watched Tralee land on top of her cousins. I made sure she was okay, then I laughed. Okay, I might have been laughing the whole time. Tralee was a little shell shocked, but otherwise fine.


Tralee and Makayla again

Mike, Dallin, and Kade

A boy (Kade) and his sled

Kelly and Dallin

I wanna say. . . Cecilia. . . If not, it's one of the Callister cousins

Dallin resting in a tube

Cary and JoAnn

Jim took Hunter down half the hill. He wasn't a fan. Man, it's hard to impress this little guy

I took my turn. It was fun.

Jim and Hunter. Notice how Jim is in a t-shirt, while everyone else is in their winter get-up. You would think he was born in Canada or something!

Small group shot

Everyone lining up for one last race down the hill

Everyone racing

Laura and Cary

Tralee at the hotsprings pool

Hunter and Dallin

The kiddos and me

Jim and Hunter

There are two pools here. This one is a little cooler than the other one.

Posing for a picture. This shot is a little better than the stink-eye she gave me above.

Hunter swimming

After swimming we all went back to Jake and JoAnn's for chili, salad, chips, and cupcakes. Yummy!

We had a great time. Thanks Jake and JoAnn. We can't wait to do it again next year!


Jim said...

Thanks for the pics


Cammi said...

That looks so fun!!

Aunt Debi said...

What fun!! I'm so glad all the cousins get together for such a fun tradition. Thanks Jake and Jo!

Stephen & Kendra said...

I think Hunter was so mad while sledding because his snow suit is pink and purple. Ha ha. I wish I would have went.

Boom said...

I'm happy you are part of such a great extended family. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!


Amberly said...

how lame that I live in phoenix when all of these shinanigins are going on up there!! looks like a blast!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

It looks like Hunter enjoyed the swimming much more than the sledding;) How fun - wish we had family around to do stuff like that with! How far are your folks from Minneapolis?

Joni said...

That looked like so much fun! Glad you had a good time. Oh and that story about Tralee getting taken out by the sled sounds pretty hilarious.

Audie said...

How fun! Loved the story of Tralee getting flipped into the air. Does that make me a bad person? Jim and his t-shirts. Does he not feel the cold air?

Joanna said...

Hey we miss you in our ward! How have you been? We are going to be doing a girl's night in the next month or so. Would you like to come? I'll keep you posted if you're interested. Just send me your number to Talk to you soon, I hope!