Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a little couponing can do

I normally don't do this, but thought "why not" tonight. I'm pretty excited about this shopping trip anyways.

When I asked Jim what he thought all this cost me he guessed, "Around fifty bucks?"
Good guess, but WRONG!

I paid less than twenty dollars for all these diapers, wipes, and cereal.
$18.94 to be exact!

Without all the couponing and deals we would have spent $70.54 that's a savings of $51.60 thank you very much.

It takes a little work, but I think couponing is so worth it. As any mother knows, diapers can take up a huge chunk of your budget, but with savings of around 75% the diapering cost isn't as tough to swallow. If interested, I mostly go here and here to check for deals. Feel free to check it out.


Jim said...

You Go Girl


Cammi said...

That is seriously wicked Les!! You saved a ton!!!!

Audie said...

holy crap. take me shopping please!! show me your couponing ways!

Nana said...

Hi leslie, What a great shopper you are, saving a great deal of cash makes a person feel really good. Keep it up, even if it takes a little time it is so well worth it.
Your a great mom, wonderful wife and the most wonderful grand daughter and a terrific shopper I thought you should know that. Just thought I'd mention it.
Love you, Nana