Monday, January 11, 2010

Tralee's First Haircut

Tralee got her first haircut from Aunt Cassi while we were in St. George for Thanksgiving. Nothing major, just a trim, but it was a momentous occasion. We sat Tralee in the bathroom sink, gave her a bucket of popcorn, a sippy cup full of her favorite beverage -- chocolate milk -- and we were good to go. Tralee did SO good! Aunt Cassi did a great job too!

Tralee plays with her ears when she's tired or nervous. It's how she self-soothes. She's done it her whole life; we even saw her doing in in utero. At every sonogram, her hands were ALWAYS up by her ears. I noticed in the two pictures below that she's playing with her ears. Maybe she was a little nervous about the chop, or else she was just tired from running around with all of her cousins.

She's such a big girl, and I'm one proud Mama!


Necha said...

Tessa's hair has been trimmed just a little bit, but not in a really long time. I have NEVER cut the top...ever. I have only cut the mullet off. And guess what! Her hair is only like 7 inches long...root to tip, and hangs just past her ears. I am so jealous of that long hair!!! Why won't my kids hair grow!!! lol

Joni said...

She is such a cutie!