Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clean Playroom

It doesn't happen very often (about once a week when I just can't stand it anymore), but I cleaned the playroom today. I've mentioned before, our computer shares the room with all the kids' toys, so whenever I'm skyping or i-chatting with anyone the background they see is our VERY messy play area. I just wanted to post these pictures to prove that (yes, mom) I do clean my house.
Almost everything put away

Here I am watching the play area get messy again. (I've got the full-on mommy-do going: No make-up, in my comfy clothes, and I haven't done anything with my hair since I got out of the shower earlier- oh well, someday I'll try to be glamorous). Literally a minute after I cleaned up the play area, ten things were back out again. I'm trying to get Tralee to clean up one mess before she starts another. Unless I'm hoovering, this plan doesn't go into action. I never really expected it to, but it's always nice to hope.


Jim said...

I remember someone who would try most of her clothes on before settling on an outfit. What was frustrating was that she would throw all the clean clothes she tried on and didn't wear down the laundry shoot so she would not have to re-fold them. I hope Tralee does not behave like that when she is older.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

I SO feel the same way! I need a toy room I can dump everything in, that is away from the rest of the house! But of course the kiddos want to play where Mommy is, hence the toy-cluttered home.