Friday, January 15, 2010

Tralee Gettin' Down to Business

Tralee was in our backyard running around with her favorite furry friend the other day. The giggling and laughing came to a halt, so I looked out the window to check on things. I burst into laughter when this image met my eye:
You see, we're still working on the potty training thing. In other words, potty training stinks and is going horribly. When Tralee has to (ahem) relieve herself she finds a quiet corner of the world, lifts up her shirt (Why? I have NO idea) and goes to town. She wants no one around her while she's getting down to business (her favorite pal Corky is welcome, however). This is part of the reason potty training isn't going so well. She refuses to let us near her when she's about to go or while she's going, and if we force her to sit on her potty she screams, cries, and nothing happens. Frustrating? Heck yeah.

Anywho, when I saw Tralee standing in the corner of our back yard, wearing her pj pants that are too short, winter coat, winter hat that's falling off, holding onto Corky's leash, with her shirt lifted up, I knew exactly what was happening. The whole image was hilarious to me, so I had to grab the camera and snap a few pictures. Yes, Tralee will probably hate me for it in about ten years, but I'll take my chances. I like how Corky is patiently sitting there, waiting for Tralee to finish up before the play continues.

When I was downloading these images to the computer Tralee came and sat on my lap. As soon as she saw these pictures she pointed at herself and said, "Look! Tralee's pooting."

Yup, she sure was.


Cammi said...

lifting up her shirt? She sure is silly, but I love that she has her own little world that no one can take from her... she's stinkin cute! Say hi to that little monster for me.. :)

Meagan said...

What a funny little thimg. We had the same troubles. I found that being naked took away any "diaper" like options that she had. Good luck!

Boom said...

I can be of no help with this phenomenon. Would she understand going to Disney? Maybe you could encourage her to be able to go on the potty by the time we go to Disney World with Grandma Charlene and Brady and Haylee. We can all go on the potty. We will have more fun going on rides if Tralee can go potty on the potty by then and she won't have to miss out on things by getting a dirty diaper changed.