Friday, January 15, 2010

Hunter at Eight Months

Move over Levi Johnston, there's a new centerfold in town, and his name is
Hunter Owen Jacobs.
We call this Hunter's centerfold pose. He does this a lot. It makes us laugh. It's like his "go to" pose whenever there's anyone around.

I love Hunter's chubby little cheeks. And yes, in case you were wondering, they are the most kissable cheeks in the world.
I love Hunter's birth mark. He's had it from day one. A little brown jelly bean above his knee. He also has another birth mark on the back of his other thigh, and a lighter little dot on his back.
I love how content Hunter is to just be where we are. He DOES NOT like being alone. As long as someone is within viewing distance of Hunter, even if they're sleeping, he's happy.
I love the color of Hunter's eyes. I'm not sure what color they are. Somewhere between blue and brown. Not quite green, not quite hazel either. Not sure, but I love 'em. Hunter's eyebrows are also so expressive, they're to die for.
I love when Hunter looks up at me with his big eyes and blinks in slow motion. His long, thick, eyelashes bat at me. I swear, sometimes he's pretty enough to be a girl.
Those cheeks! Oh, I love those cheeks!
I love Hunter's five teeth. I love the gap between his two front teeth. When he smiles it reminds me of Dale from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.
I love Hunter's lips. Just as kissable as those chubby cheeks. They're so fun to kiss. I kiss them a lot. I want to make sure I do, because someday this sweet baby will be a teenager, and he won't like it when I kiss him so much.
I love how much Hunter loves his big sister. He looks up to her. When she's happy he's happy.
I love how when Tralee was spinning in front of Hunter the other day, she would stop, look at him, and then they would both crack up. I'm not sure why it was funny, but I'm so glad they have a special bond.
I love how chubby Hunter is. Seriously, the boy is a CHUNK!!! He's almost twenty pounds at eight months, and he eats anything he can get his hands on.
I love that Hunter has discovered his feet. They're so fun to play with.
I love how Hunter pulls and tugs on Corky when he gets the chance. I think Corky has given up. She used to get up and run away from the kids when they were bugging her. Now she just sleeps through it.
I love Hunter's happy little expressions. He's such a happy little boy.
Seriously, don't you just want to pick him up and eat him up?
I love the little tuft of hair that ever-so-slightly hangs over the top of his ear.
I love him so. If I had it my way Hunter wouldn't change or grow anymore. He would stay my snugly, happy, sweet, little, baby boy forever. I really love this stage. He's finding a little more independence, but he still needs me. He'll return my kisses with a huge open-mouth of slobber on my cheek. I love it. He's starting to find his rhythm and bob up and down to music. I love that too. I love it all, and I hope I don't ever forget this stage, cause it sure is fun.


Joni said...

I really could eat him up. It's a good thing you don't live close, cause he is delicious looking! :)

Nana said...

Leslie, I enjoyed those pictures of Hunter as much as you did. What an enjoyable child. Enjoy this phase because they grow up so quickly, but they only get better in each phase of their life. Wait until he takes his first step, the look on his face when he realizes what he did will have you laughing, then try to stop him from getting around all over investigating all sorts of new things. By then I'll expect more pictures of what he's gotten into.
Gosh, I love this computer, keeps me in contact via E Mail to see what is going on in your life. Love, Nana

Boom said...

And I feel the same about you in this stage of your life my darling daughter!

Love, Mom

Jim said...

Great pictures Leslie - thanks


Audie said...

He sure is a cute little thing. And yes he does eat everything! Did you find any beads in his poop after you left my place?

Cammi said...

I could eat him too! and squeeze those cheeks! He is to die for and he's getting so big! give him lots of kisses!

Aunty Cammi

Jim said...

Further comment:

Hunter looks like the Gerber baby. Maybe you can exploit that?

He's a gapper just like you!!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

His centerfold pose! AH! I love it! He and Maesa sure are alike -as far as the huge cheeks and weight "issue" are concerned. She's over 20 pounds! And I think half of it is just cheeks! I wanna squish Hunter. A lot.

James and Shawna said...

Oh, he is a darling! I love the Chip N Dale picture! You make me baby hungry!