Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Peacock and other Crafty Business

Sometimes I think that in order to be a good mother, I have to plan out Pinterest worthy activities for my children and I to complete together.  Time and time again, my daughter has proven me otherwise.  She ALWASY comes up with crafty ideas on her own, and more than anything, she just wants me present to complete them with her.  

A few weeks ago, she had off school, but Hunter still had pre-school.  When I asked Tralee what she wanted to do with our alone time, she answered, "Make a craft with you."  My mind started racing as I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.  It turns out, I didn't need Pinterest.  Tralee already knew what she wanted to make -- a Peacock.  So then I started thinking of all sorts of elaborate items we could make a peacock out of.  As it turns out, Tralee already had it all planned out.  All she needed me for was company, and to reach the paints that were too high.  I watched her cut, glue, and paint, and got a little antsy.  I wanted to craft too!!  I think I know what she feels like now when I'm working on a craft and her requests to "help me" go unanswered.  So, after a bit of complaining (from me) she finally gave me a task.  I was aloud to help her paint the feathers.  We had a blast painting them together.

In the end, I think our peacock turned out pretty adorable, and I learned that I don't need an elaborate, crafty, Pinterest-y plan to spend some quality time with my daughter.  I just need to be there supporting her ideas, and paint some feathers when she delegates.

The picture below doesn't have anything to do with our peacock, but it shows Tralee being crafty with her friends.  They were pretending to be fairies, while writing their own personal fairy books.

My girl is so creative!

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