Saturday, October 5, 2013

Field Trip!

Last week rang in two firsts for us.  It was Tralee's first elementary school field trip, which meant that it was my first time to chaperone a field trip.  YAY!  When I become a mother, I knew someday I would be riding along on a big yellow school bus, sitting next to my excited child, wishing I had earplugs, helping the teacher wrangle a class-full of rambunctious kids, and wondering what kind of learning adventure we would find ourselves on.

This particular field trip was to an agricultural fair that a local high school 4-H group put together.  It was really well organized, and all the kids in Tralee's class were adorable and easy to wrangle!  Guess what?  First graders are super fun!  They kept coming up to give me hugs, and they all listened really well.  So, it made for a fun afternoon of chaperoning.  The pièce de résistance, was when Tralee turned to me and said while holding my hand, "Mom, can you please chaperone all my field trips, because you're really good with kids?"  Melted my heart! HOORAY for field trips!!

Here are some pics:
On our way.  Also, Tralee's first time riding on a school bus.

Anytime someone asked, "Does anyone have any questions?" Tralee's hand shot right up.  Such a curious creature.

Tralee's teacher in a bee keeper hat.

The whole class!

Riding with one of her besties on the way back to school

I will relish in these days where she still wants me in her pictures with friends.  
I can't wait for the next field trip . . only next time I might actually bring earplugs.  Those first-grade screams of excitement are fierce when echoed by a big, metal, yellow tube!

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