Saturday, October 12, 2013

More Happy Things

Here's yet another installment of things that make me happy.

1.  Looking in the backseat to find my son sticking his head out the window--eyes closed--like a giddy puppy.

2.  Hunty's lego/block/angry bird designs.  Some of them get pretty intricate.

3.  Good haircuts.  I really liked Hunter's wild and crazy hairdo, but his new haircut turned out adorable.

4.  My new running shoes.  I think they make me way faster.  That makes me happy.

5.  Visits to the pumpkin farm

6.  This picture

7.  One of Tralee's new friends from school makes me smile a lot.  He likes her.  I think he likes her A LOT!  Every time I drop Tralee off at school, he runs up yelling, "TRALEE TRALEE TRALEE!!!!" until she responds with a "Oh, hi!"  I've watched him go sonic racing towards her when he first notices her walking towards school.  It's the same when they say goodbye.  "Bye Tralee!  Bye!  Tralee. . . TRALEE. . . TRALEE. . . BYE!!!"  Tralee doesn't always notice, and he won't give up until he gets a response.  I have to nudge Tralee and let her know her friend is trying to say goodbye.  It makes me smile, and reminds me of this:

 8.  Halloween decor. . . actually, anything Halloween or Fall related makes me REALLY happy!!

9.  Pumpkin cookies

10.  How excited Hunter gets when we host playgroup.

11.  When the trail of toys from playgroup gets cleaned up!! 

Stay tuned for my next installment of Happy Little Things!

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