Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Family Fun Night

Two weekends ago we spent our Friday evening at Tralee's school for its annual Fall Family Fun Night.  The kids dressed up in their costumes, and we walked around Tralee's school playing games, visiting with friends, eating Halloween snacks, making crafts, purchasing books at the book fair, and taking a trip down the haunted hallway.  The night was clearly all about our children's enjoyment, and enjoyment they had!

Tralee went as a vampire, and Hunter as an angry bird.  We didn't have any official Halloween make-up yet, so I dug some eyeshadow and lipstick from my own makeup bag, and Tralee and I did the best we could with what we had.  I even had some sparkly white eyeshadow I generously spread across Tralee's face with a powder brush to give her the "Twilight" sun sparkle look.  I think her vampire make-up wasn't too bad considering we had limited supplies.  

Sparkling in the sun 

Hunter's costume was hilarious.  We stuffed two pillows in the pockets inside this giant angry bird, and watched (and laughed) as he bumbled around the rest of the evening.

Fall Family Fun night was great!

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