Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whip it Good and Other News

Hi There.  We've been busy around here.  School began, and the devil-may-care days of summer disappeared; replaced by morning alarms, schedules, and early bedtimes.  We're not a very scheduled family.  We live on the fly.  Adjusting to set time frames has come with adjustments, but the kinks are working themselves out.  

For the most part, both of the littles have enjoyed their scholarly surroundings, and have made fast friends.  Tralee loves her 1st grade teacher, and when I walk or drive by during recess, she seems to be playing with new friends everyday.  She's struggled a bit with her new gym teacher.  In her words, "he's really rude."  After further investigating, I discovered he's of the stricter nature .  We're taking it one P.E. class at a time.  Hunter is really blossoming with his new pre-school and play-group.  It's adorable to watch him get so excited to have friends come play, and pick out a toy to bring for show-and-tell at Miss Heidi's preschool.  He's interested in letter sounds, and figuring out what everything means.  He's never been so intrigued by language before, so this new development is exciting.

Having both kids out of the nest a few hours each week has left me with some free time.  So far I've utilized my childless hours with the ever-so-exciting tasks of grocery shopping and cleaning.  I've also ventured to the library for a few hours, checked out, and have been reading some interesting books.  Lastly, during my child-free hours today, I created the printables below.  The top two I'm selling on my Etsy shop (hence the watermark), the other two are free!!  Yippee!  

Each printable is sized to 8x10, however if you would like a different size for the free ones, let me know in a message, and I'll add it to this post.  All of my Etsy printables come in various and custom dimensions.  

To get these printables on your computer, right click and save for PC and drag and drop for Mac users.  Once they're on your computer you can print them at home, or send them to places like Costco to be printed.  Then pop 'em in a frame and hang 'em for some cute inexpensive decor.  I keep thinking some printables would look really cute printed on stretched canvas.  I might have to try that sometime.  

Until next time. . .

 Good day!

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