Friday, September 20, 2013

Old Videos

I found a couple gems from the back of our video closet.  Enjoy!

The first one I came across when looking at old Photobooth videos.  I didn't even know this existed until a few months ago.  In the video, Tralee is doing a little intro, and then becomes mad at the computer for some reason.  My favorite part is when she says, "Are you crazy to me?"  Ah, I love when children attempt their new-found language skills.  "Are you crazy to me?" has become a new family catch-phrase.  We say it when someone is ticking us off.

I found the next video today.  It's Hunter asking -- not so nicely -- for candy.  I try to coax a "please" out of him.  He's so cute and small. . . and so very very two in this clip.

Lastly, this third video cracks me up every time I see it.  We were driving home from playing with cousins, and it was close to the kids' bedtime.  They were getting tired and asked for a lullaby.  Jim came up with the one in the video, and it wasn't appreciated.  Not one bit!

I hope you enjoyed The Jacobs Clan video hour.  If not, I'll never know.


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