Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Little Things

Things that make me happy:

1.  When men or boys willingly help in the kitchen. . . also healthy delicious muffins

2.  My son's handiwork 

3.  Kids that are excited for their first day of pre-school.  Also. . . pre-school!

4.  My morning and afternoon cup of tea served in my favorite tea set

5.  Making my children happy with simple activities, like making homemade flubber.  Recipe here.

6.  When my family gets crafty or artsy.  I love creative nights in.

7.  My husband's artistic hand and sentimental heart.  He finished a painting his grandma didn't get to before she passed.  He signed both his and her name at the bottom once the painting was complete.

8.  My daughter's artwork

9.  Finding quotes that seem perfect for the mood/moment you're in

10.  Our baby birds. . . that have since left the nest to start their own lives.

11.  Completing a REALLY difficult run/workout and feeling so proud of me. . . even if I feel exhausted and sore.  It's a good exhausted.

12.  My son's artwork proudly hung in his room.

13.  Going on walks with superheros in their underwear

14.  Loving the superhero stage

15.  Making my daughter a cape she designed, then watching her wear it for a few days in a row. . . even to school.

16.  New delicious discoveries.  Kiwi berries man, I'm telling you!

17.  Watching my children sing/perform

18.  Donuts with dad

19.  Seeing my daughter and her father's bond

20.  Rebelling against donuts with dad and going out with my son for donuts with mom

21.  My son's crazy Russell Brand hair

22.  This picture

23.  Spending quality time with my family

24.  Indulging in some much needed "me time."

25.  Discovering a new song/artist that I LOVE.

That's all for now.

Good day!

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