Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall is Here!!!

Hello little devils. . . there's a crispness to the air that can only mean one thing; FALL IS HERE!!  Hooray!  When I'm not sipping hot cider or tea, I hug myself with a sweater (YAY FOR SWEATER SEASON), bundle up whatever child wishes to adventure with me, and we go forth.  The autumn breeze rushes over and around us -- sometimes stealing our breath with it.  We gasp in excitement -- reclaiming our breath -- and anticipate all the glories the autumn wind whispers to us.

One of the most looked forward to events of fall, in this household, is Halloween.  With the all expectancy the 31st holds, I created a few free printables to celebrate the upcoming festivities.

I've set up a link for each printable.  Simply click on the image you would like to print/download. This will take you to a download page.  Hopefully this will make downloading and printing these images a bit easier.  Each image is sized for 16x20 and/or 8x10.  Feel free to send these printables to places like Costco, or for the 8x10, just print from home, trim the image, and pop it in a frame for some instant cute decor.




I took one of my printables, and applied it to a 16x20 canvas.  I had "Something wicked this way comes" printed at Costco, and I happened to have an old 16x20 canvas in the garage - WINNING!  So, first I painted the edges of the canvas black, next I used some spray adhesive to adhere the printable to said canvas, then I used modge podge with a sponge brush on top of the printable and the sides of the canvas.  I applied the modge podge in one direction (top to bottom), let the it dry, then I applied more podge in the other direction (side to side) which made a nice canvas-y looking texture.  After all was said and done, here's how I decorated our entry way with my printable:

The kids and I made the foot ghosts last halloween.  Maybe we should do it every year to compare!  I can already picture a foot ghost display hanging on a wall from over the years.  The rest of the decor is from the dollar store, or big chain stores.  I cut the spider out using my Silhouette, and put it in a dollar store frame.   Easy peasy!  Halloween decor. . . DONE!

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