Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Reception Photos. . .

I stole some more reception photos from Jim's sister Cammi's Facebook page.  

Enjoy. . . 

Jim and John showing Joni some of their more refined dance moves

It's like Night at the Roxbury. . . only with two brothers and their little sister which makes it extra weird.

Jim and his sisters from another mista - Nikkers and Tranny (P.S. all three of these individuals have the power to make me laugh until my tummy aches)

Towards the end of the reception, most of the Jacobs crew put on our dancin' shoes and strutted our stuff.  We danced to some classics from The Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, and then busted out our best moves to Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe.  Guys, I loved it a lot.  Like, I think our family should just host various dance parties throughout the year for no reason except to get together and shake our tail feathers.

Cassi, me, Nikki, Tranny, Joni, Cammi, and Shannon (my new BFF)  We're super stellear dancing ninja princess superstars -- each one of us.  Booyah!

I love my MIL's face here.  Nice moves Judy!

Can you tell we're dancing to Call Me Maybe?  

John showing us what his momma gave him. . . and we all liked it!

I think that just about does it for the wedding festivities!  Like I meantioned early, it was a brilliant weekend.


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