Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Before the Wedding

Joni and Aaron's wedding weekend was a blast!  Mostly everyone in our family stayed at the same hotel, and several of us were even on the same floor so we could pop in and say, "Hey what's up?" whenever we felt like it. . . or you know, pop in and have a pillow fight as Jim and Channing are demonstrating below:

A few days before the nuptials, a group of us trekked to Park City to do some shopping and Alpine Sliding.  We all had too much fun until. . . 

. . . WE GOT RAINED ON!!!  All was groovy until those pesky clouds rolled in, and canceled the rest of our day o' fun.  Luckily, we managed to make it down the slides twice before the rain hit.  However, our zip-line adventures were put on hold until another day.  Ah poop!
Getting rained out

The other not-so-great thing the rain caused was a huge accident on the road back to E-town that shut down the freeway.  Yikes!!  We had to make it back for Bones' wedding shower, so it took some figuring out, but we took a round-about way back to Evanston, and made it JUST in time to take this lovely photo of myself and the bride at her shower. . . 

. . .and this one of my beautiful nieces Tandra and Cassi with their crazy Aunt Leslie

We even managed a group shot of the ladies on the Jacobs' side of the family at Joni's shower.  Some of my favorite ladies in the world are in the picture below

 That's why I'm so happy in this next picture.  I'm all, like, "I'm SOOOO happy!!  I'm surrounded by some of my favorite women!  YIPPEE!!  Also, Joni's getting hitched!  Double YIPPEE!!"

The day before the wedding, Cassi Jacobs and I took our kids to Walmart to get some stuff to keep them occupied in the hotel rooms, as well as some nail polish to paint our nails with for The Big Day.  The boys were busy golfing.  Also on this day, some creepy old guy in Walmart came up to Brynli in the cart and told her he was going to steal her.  It wasn't even in a sweet you're-so-cute-I'm-gonna-steal-you way.  It was more of a I'm-a-creepy-old-dude-who-likes-to-scare-little-girls-till-they-cry way.  Weird!  Luckily, Brynli had Aunt Leslie there to. . . stare awkwardly at the dude in disbelief until he walked away.   Lexi (Brynli's big sister), on the other hand, wanted to be much more productive and tell the man to back the heck away from her sister and stop being a creepster.  I mean, who would want that when you could have me just standing there instead?  I'll let you decide. 

After our Walmart adventures, the kids piled into this little car--clown style--and went for a .50 cent ride.  

Later in the day, we met up with Tricia and Jeff for a picnic at the nature park.  The kids explored, threw rocks in the water, and we had a nice time hangin' with the fam!


After our picnic it was time to head to The Machine shop to help decorate and rehearse for The Big Day.  Everything went pretty smoothly.

Our time before the wedding was fun-filled and memorable.  I would definitely do it again, minus the old creepy man.

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