Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another River Day

A few weeks before school started we took the kids up to the river with the other Jacobs family.  Here are a few pictures of our adventures in nature.

Please enjoy.

Jim saw this little fish thing swimming around and had no idea what it was, so we took a picture.  Anyone know?  It had a sharp ridged back.

Hunty playing in the sand


As usual, Jim caught a lizard.  The kids had fun with it.  Maybe too much fun.  It bit Jovie's lip.  Silly lizard lips!

Messy faced Hunty

Crossing over

Our little spot of paradise

Anson in the water

Jovie dancing

Tralee showing off the minnows she caught in the water bottle.  She named them  Jinx and Gus.  They were belly-up by day two.  RIP Jinx.  RIP Gus.

Hunter exploring.  He also found a stick that he made into a sling-shot.  Pretty cool.

Jim's new game involved diving to the bottom of the river, and finding a huge rock to swim to the surface.  He was the only one playing this fun new game.  

That's all!  Best to everyone.


Seth said...

That little fish is a sculpin. :-)

Leslie Jacobs said...

Thanks Seth!! We were wondering!