Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joni and Aaron's Ceremony

I love weddings.  I mean, who doesn't?  Family and friends coming together to celebrate a union of love; it's perfect.  This last weekend's wedding festivities were no exception to the blissful rule!  Jim's little sister Joni married her man Aaron.  Jim officiated the wedding, which made it extra special.  My kids got to see their favorite cousins, I got to see some of my favorite family members, and fun was had by all.  The entire weekend was one happy event after the other, but for now, here are a few pictures I took before and during the wedding ceremony.


Lexi and Tralee, best cousins

Jim and I made some frames for Bones and Aaron to display their pictures in.  Like them?

Cousins!  Tralee, Brynli, Lexi, and Brody. . . Hunter wasn't cooperating.

Ross and his sisters Sherrie and Venice

Grandma Judy and the little girls. . . Tralee always has to "pose" for pictures.  She never just stands and smiles, instead she does random facial expressions and poses.  Haha!  I love it!
Chast and Celeste waiting for the ceremony to start

Aaron high-fiving down the aisle.  They set up the chairs in a circle so the wedding party could walk in front of every person seated.  It was pretty cool.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen. . . 

Cammi (bride's little sister) was the maid of honor and Paul (groom's younger brother) as the best man

Cammi and Paul dancing down the aisle

I just about died when I saw the handsome little ring bearer.  Too adorable!

Zayah the flower girl

She really is just too cute!  Everyone falls in love with her immediately.  I mean, look at her!

Ross and Joni walking down the aisle. . . beautiful!  Look how happy she is! 

This is my favorite picture of them!!

My husband, the minister, marrying the bride and groom.  Jim got a little choked up at one point.  He loves his little sis a lot.  He said the emotions took over, but he regrouped and they were married without a hitch!!

Saying her vows. . . so happy!

Introducing Joni and Aaron Hawks!!!  HOORAY!

Ross and Judy; father and step-mother of the bride

Groom's parents

Tricia and Jeff; mother and step-father of the bride

Jim hugging Joni after the ceremony


The ceremony was lovely. . . reception shenanigans soon to follow!


Necha said...

Love this! Thanks for posting!!!

Amberly said...

you captured some great photos!! so glad you shared them!

Boom said...

Good job Leslie!