Monday, April 4, 2011

Visitors and Jump Creek Canyon

We had some visitors last week. Jim's dad, sister Cammi, and our new niece Zayah (or as Jim calls her Zana) came for a quick visit. Jim made Zayah a changing table, so Ross and Cammi came down to pick it up. It was a quick visit, so we really had to lay the kisses on Z's chubby lil' cheeks to make sure she got enough before she had to leave. Although short, I think we squeezed as much fun into the few days we had. Here are some pics of some of our adventures. For more pics check out Cammi's blog here.
One of the fun things we did was drive to Jump Creek Canyon and go on a little hike. My nephew Brady is doing a Flat Stanley project for school, so we brought Flat Stanley along for the hike as well.
Below Tralee and I are showing Flat Stanley all the sights and sounds of Jump Creek Falls.

Jim and Ross trying to fish.
Cammi and Me modeling in front of the falls.
Zayah snoozing in her cocoon. This was her first hike, and I think she did remarkably well considering she's the ripe old age of eight weeks.
Hunter was content to just throw rocks in the water the whole time.

At one point Jim sat down to do something with his fishing pole, upon seeing this, Hunter decided that he should sit down and look busy just like his daddy.
Tralee and Jim went exploring.

On the hike back Tralee and Grandpa Ross had a nice little conversation.
We loved having visitors! It gave me a great excuse to do a little spring cleaning, get the house in order, and see how my kids would do with having a baby around (NO I'm NOT pregnant, I just wanted to see how the littles would handle having a baby around in case I were ever to become pregnant again. And NO we're not trying either!). Tralee and Hunter actually did pretty well with Zayah. I was more worried about Hunter than anything since (being a boy) he can get a little aggressive at times. Besides continuously stealing Z's binky, Hunter was very careful with his newest cousin. We had a lot of fun with our guests, and can't wait to host visitors again. Anyone fancy a trip to Boise? No. Ah well, I figured. I bet if we lived in Hawaii every single one of you would be booking your vacation to the Jacobs Retreat right. this. second. Well, when Boise becomes as cool to visit as Hawaii you're all (family and friends . . .not some stranger who happened upon this blog by mistake) welcome to stay with us. :)


Boom said...

Great pictures. I love the falls. I remember going hiking there before Hunter was born. It's great that Brady is doing the Stanley thing this year. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Love Mom

Michelle Burk said...

Where is Jump Creek Canyon? That looks awesome. My boys would love it! Please share. We'd love to go with you on a picnic.

Cammi said...

It was so much fun!! Thanks again Leslie!!

Hannah S said...

I want to come visit you but Colorado is just more convenient (ie, the Stoehr's are there and my sister). That'll be the one trip other than Lake P that we take this year.
Samuel did the Flat Stanley thing too. He sent to Steve.