Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Conversation

Before we did the whole "let's see what the Easter bunny left" thing with the kid-os we sat them down and talked about the true meaning of Easter. I've been explaining the true meaning of Easter with Tralee a lot lately. I've showed her pictures, read stories, and watched movies about what Easter is really about. For some reason it's not clicking. Whenever I ask, "What's Easter REALLY about?" Tralee's answer has been, "It's about when the Easter bunny comes and leaves eggs and we find them." Usually I say something like, "Well, the Easter bunny does come, but he comes to help us celebrate something. What are we celebrating?" Tralee almost ALWAYS answers, "I don't know" (even if I JUST told her) and we go on to explain (again) about Jesus' atoning sacrifice and the miracle of His resurrection. Yesterday as I was explaining I took a new approach and said something like, "You know, like at Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Well on Easter we celebrate Christ being resurrected or His re-birth." Tralee's ears perked up when I mentioned Christmas and I thought maybe the whole Easter concept finally clicked. After waiting a few seconds to let it sink in I asked Tralee one more time, "So, what's Easter about?" Without hesitation Tralee exclaimed, "SANTA!" Looks like we still have some work to do.


After writing this I sat Tralee down with me and we watched some youtube videos about the true meaning of Easter. As we watched, I explained (AGAIN) what Easter is about and once more asked, "Why do we celebrate Easter?" I'm pleased to announce that she finally answered, "Jesus." We're making some progress people! Wahoo!

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