Friday, April 1, 2011

If You Can Spare A Prayer. . .

My friend Necha posted the following story on her blog. It was so moving, I needed to share it as well. There is a family trying to adopt a little boy with Down Syndrome from Russia. The judge denied their request due to the fact that the boy is "socially unadaptable due to his medical condition." Apparently in Russia it's very common for special needs children to be institutionalized and deemed "unadaptable." This couple is now appealing and taking their case to the supreme court in Russia. They need prayers and positive thoughts sent their way. If their case has the positive outcome they're hoping for it may open up the doors for more adoptions of these precious little spirits who, as you can see from the video below, are in need and completely capable of adapting to a loving forever home.
Here's a video of the mom and the son she wants to adopt. The last bit of the video where they embrace is so touching:

Here's the family's blog with more info on the story:

And here's an article with more details:

I'm sure this family would be thankful for any prayers and positive thoughts you can send their way.

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