Monday, April 25, 2011

Fire Station

This last Friday we were invited to go to our local fire station with a pre-school group. The kids had a lot of fun touring the station, talking to the firemen, and climbing on the fire engine.

The friendly fireman put on all his gear, and then let the kids give him a hug so they knew he wasn't scary, just silly looking! I told Tralee that the one exception to going somewhere with a stranger is if they look like this fireman (or a policeman/woman), and they're in our house trying to help her get out. It's okay if she goes with a stranger then. She said, "Okay." Knock on wood that it never happens, but now she knows fireman are friendly. Hooray for heroes!

Tralee had to take along one of her favorite stuffies. See the little raccoon by her feet? That used to be mine when I was little, Tralee loves it too. Together they're going to save the day with that hose in Tralee's hands. Sillies!

Overall, the fire station tour was a success! I'm glad we got to go.

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Michelle Burk said...

I'm glad Tralee is still wearing the outfit that she wore at my house on Fri and Sat. That made me smile! Maybe Hunter will grow up to be a fireman!