Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoo Take Two

Jim had to work out-of-town for four days last week, including Saturday. We really missed him around here (mostly me) and we couldn't wait for him to come home. His first day back was Thursday, which happens to be Zoo Boise's half price day. Since Jim had to work on Saturday, instead of spending time with us, he proclaimed that Thursday was now Saturday and we should all go to the zoo. No one hesitated, so off to the zoo we went.

We invited the other Jacobs family to come with us. It was a fun little outing.
Here are Tralee and Jovie running around the park outside the zoo. I think Tralee really tired herself out in the park before we even got to the zoo. Therefore, she wasn't too perky the rest of the afternoon.

The last time we went to the zoo Tralee was mesmerized by the carousal. We never did ride it, so this time we decided to let Tralee ride it for the first time. The outcome wasn't quite what we expected. While Jim was waiting in line with her, it dawned on Tralee that they were going to actually ride it. She started pushing Jim away from the carousal and saying, "Bye. Bye. Off." When it was time to go on the ride she was very hesitant, and when it actually started moving Tralee freaked out a bit. Audie's kids had the desired reaction you would want your child to have while experiencing a carousal. Squeals of delight, waving, smiles, joyous laughter. Nope. Not Tralee. She whined the entire time she rode, and every time we passed the carousal afterward for fear that she might have to ride it again.


Not so much
So much for letting our kids go on rides. At least the fair will be cheap for us. Our kid won't be begging to go on every ride.

Even though Tralee was bit grumpy, we still had fun at the zoo with our friends. The extra bonus of the day was we tired Tralee out so much that she took a nice LOOOOONG nap when we got home. Hooray!


Joni said...

The zoo looked like tons of fun!

Audie said...

i had so much fun! we'll have to get together again!