Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Tralee Info

Tralee's art work is getting so sophisticated! What used to be a page of scribbles is now a page of circles! Yes my friends, Tralee now knows how to draw a circle. I'm so proud of her! She's also starting to color in objects in a coloring book, instead of just scribbling on the page. It's amazing to see her progress.

Tralee's other favorite thing to do with crayons and paper is bring them up to us, and request for us to draw animals. She usually does this by doing the animal sound to the corresponding animal she wants drawn. Kitty is always first. I know this because as Tralee is running up to us with pen and paper in hand, she's meowing. Another frequently requested animal is a bear. "Rar! Bear!" It actually sounds more like, "Waw! Beah!" as she can't quite pronounce her R's. She likes us to draw lions, elephants, cows, monkeys, pigs, and the occasional school bus (she requests this by saying "round round" and doing the action for the song "the wheels on the bus"). Sometimes she even wants us to draw a toot. How do you draw a toot? I won't go into detail, but Jim and I have figured it out.

I swear Tralee is growing more everyday. The other day someone told me she looks more like a four-year-old than a two-year-old. I'm afraid she gets mistaken for being much older all the time. Other kids or adults will start talking to her and asking her questions. The garbled answer they get in return confuses them. I then feel the need to explain that she's only two. I usually get a surprised look and then always hear, "She's big for her age!" Yup, I guess that's what happens when both of your parents are tall. She's still my sweet, cute, and tiny little two-year-old, no matter what.

I had a dream that Tralee went potty on the big girl potty. I wonder if that's a sign, or just my subconscious wishing for it to be true. We haven't really started the whole potty training thing yet, but it's in the back of my mind. I asked Tralee the other day if she wanted to try sitting on the big girl potty. She looked at it, looked at me, and very strongly said, "NO." Oh well. It was worth a shot. I think we'll start working on it pretty soon. So if you have any potty training pointers/ideas shoot them my way.



Aunt Debi said...

Tralee is a big sister now so I guess that means circles instead of back and forth scribbles. Potty training is the worst part of being a mom to me. So I would put it off as long as possible! I guess you can tell I wasn't very good at it either. Good luck!

Necha said...

Awesome! Tessa surprised me the other day too when she drew a circle and then a line from it, and she said "A balloon!" I was impressed but I thought maybe she drew it and then saw that it looked like a balloon. So I asked her to draw another one and she DID! It is the first time she has ever drawn anything that was really meant to be something! Isn't it fun watching them grow!!

Amberly said...

how old is tralee? we used the three-day potty training method with cooper, and it was awesome. over and done in three days, no accidents. I hpoe to do the same thing with seneca.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Can you teach me to draw a toot?! She is too cute, you guys. I wonder if we will ever get together and meet each others' kids...that would be so great!