Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi World

Hi guys, it's me Hunter. Just thought you should know I'm four weeks old today. My mom thinks it's crazy, and she even mentioned to me that even though it's only been a month, she can't even think of what life was like without me. She's pretty cool.

This guy above, he's my dad. He's pretty cool too. He keeps saying things like someday he'll take me fishing, and hunting, and hiking, and camping. I'm not sure what any of those things are, but my dad is pretty awesome, so I'm sure all of those things will be fun to do with him. But, for now I think I'll just keep taking naps with him. He's really comfortable to snuggle with. Just ask my mom, she tells him that all the time. She thinks that's why my big sister and I always fall asleep on him.

The picture above is me and my big sister. Her name is Tralee. She's pretty nice. She always comes right up to my face and talks to me in her special baby talk. It sounds like a high pitched "eeeeeeeeeeee" sound to my parents, but what she's saying is "Hunter, I love you buddy. You're cute and small right now so I'll be nice to you, but when you're older I might have to pound on you a little bit. I AM your big sister after all." Sometimes she scares me a little with all her clomping around and noisy behavior, but like my folks, she's pretty cool too. I know she loves me, and I love her too.

My mom likes taking pictures of my hands and feet. I'm not sure why she does that when my face is so stinken' cute. I mean, come on Mom. My face is up here. HELLO!!

Yup, that's me doing tummy-time. I'm pretty good at it, but I have a five-minute limit. After that I'm ready for a meal.

After meal-time I'm usually pretty tired (as you can tell by the cleverly placed photo above of me yawning).

So yeah, that's pretty much all for now. Catch ya later gator!


Necha said...

I can't believe you have a kid that I haven't even met! Sad times. But even though I have never met him, I find myself totally in love with him anyway!!! :)

Boom said...

Leslie, Love it! Love you!

The Kelly Variety said...

Nice perspective, I'm glad Hunter understand Tralee and her honesty. It is hard to beat baby feet.

Jodi said...

He is the most adorable little baby boy. Great work Leslie. You definitely have a gift for photography!