Monday, March 30, 2009


I use this blog as a family journal of sorts, so this entry is more for our records than anything else. Feel free to read, but I won't be offended if the following is of little or no interest to you.

After we put Tralee to bed last night Jim and I started talking about what a little sweetheart she is and how much we love her. In the middle of all of our gushing we started telling each other some of our favorite Tralee-isms. Here are a few:

She LOVES to climb up and onto ANYTHING. After Tralee reaches her desired height (whether it be the kitchen table, the back of our couch, a bathroom counter -- all things she's not supposed to climb on) she does a three-two-one countdown and JUMPS into our arms or down on something soft. This is what the countdown sounds like:

"Wee. Two. Wee. Two. Un!! (She jumps) WEEEEEEE!!!"

When Corky has to go outside she scratches at the door. Upon hearing this Tralee usually runs up to me and says, "A Goggy, a Goggy, a Goggy dooow" Roughly translated this means, "Doggy is scratching at the door."

When Corky is eating her food Tralee says, "Goggy. . . Goggy. . . Goggy food." Or "Goggy. . . Goggy. . . Goggy eat."

I've mentioned before that Tralee's stuffies are very dear to her, and she often won't take a bite of her food until they have had the pleasure of sampling from her spoon or fork first. Depending on which one she's sharing with she usually says, "titty. . . titty. . . titty eat." or "beah. . . beah. . . beah. . Food." Titty is Kitty (yes, I know what it sounds like) Beah is Bear.

Whenever Tralee dances (which she does A LOT) her stuffies also get in on the action. She will hold them by their head, bend over so that their feet are touching the floor, and start bopping them up and down so that they dance too.

When I take Tralee grocery shopping she often refuses to sit in the cart until Kitty does first. I actually have to put Kitty in the strap or Tralee is not satisfied. Sometimes I only go in for some milk, and Tralee still insists that Kitty sits in the cart. I've tried to say "no, we don't need a cart" when this happens, but the meltdown that occurred after wasn't worth it. You have to pick your battles, you know? So. . . if what it takes to keep Tralee happy in the grocery store means I have to push a stuffed animal in a cart, so be it.

Sometimes when we walk outside Tralee holds Kitty by the head, bends over until Kitty's feet are touching the ground, and lets Kitty "walk" beside her.

When we're singing from the hymn book in church, Tralee will find one, open to a page, and start singing along too. Her words don't make sense, but it's pretty darn cute.

Whenever we pray, or a prayer is said in church, Tralee will cross her arms and bow her head, but she also has a pretty mean scowl on her face. Not sure why. At the end of a prayer she sometimes says "Amen."

Speaking of church, Tralee LOVES nursery and often doesn't want to leave when we come pick her up. One of the nursery teachers brings her guitar and at the end of class all the kids sit around on their little chairs, or in a circle, and sing songs. Tralee's favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus." The other day I walked into the kitchen and noticed that Tralee had set up a little nursery class with her stuffies. She was singing with them, and doing other activities. It was so cute, I had to capture it on video. Of course whenever the camera comes out, Tralee decides to tone it down a notch, but you get the gist of it. Enjoy:

After this, I walked into the kitchen and noticed that each of her stuffies had some sort of toy to play with. One had a pen next to it, the other a spoon, one had a baby teething thing, and the last one had one of my bracelets. Tralee wasn't around, but she left each of her stuffies with something to do in her absence. She's so thoughtful!

Now for some more Tralee-isms. . .

When I'm getting ready in the morning Tralee comes into my bathroom (which is where we keep all of her bathroom stuff as well -- it's just easier) opens the drawer and does whatever I'm doing. We brush our teeth together, floss together (she can't really floss yet, but I humor her), I gurgle with Listerine which Tralee has learned she can't have yet but she makes the gurgle sound. We brush our hair, put on some make-up (Tralee usually sticks to lip gloss), we put on deodorant (if one of her stuffies is there, they get some deodorant also -- Tralee makes sure of it), we get a squirt of body splash, and if I'm not forgetting anything, usually we're good to go.

Tralee has been into taking off her shirt lately. Sometimes she doesn't quite get it right, and I find her with her shirt in a crazy knot around her little frame.

When we tell Tralee it's time for "Night. Night" she usually plops down wherever she is, and fake snores. Believe it or not, Jim and I are NEVER fooled by this.

Tralee is SERIOUSLY into Curious George lately. The other day I wanted to get something done without Tralee's "help", so I asked her if she would like to watch something. Her eyes lit up and she immediately said, "ORGE! ORGE! ORGE!" This means George. Ever since then Tralee will run up to me and exclaim "ORGE!!" whenever she's in the mood to watch him, or play one of his games on Sadly, out of the hundreds of books Tralee has, not one of them is Curious George. We'll have to remedy that soon.

Two of Tralee's favorite books are Green Eggs and Ham and Dr Suess's ABC Book. Tralee can point to the words on each cover and read them. Pretty smart!

Some more of Tralee's words and phrases also include:

"Heya goo." Translation: Here you go or Here we go

"Doo Doo" Translation: Thank you

"Ooo. Cooo." Translation: Oh, that's cold

"A Titty Up" Translation: Kitty is going up. Usually Tralee will throw kitty in the air after she says this.

"A Done" Translation: All done.

There are more phrases and words, but I can't think of them right now. Also, Tralee has been really good at repeating words and phrases after we say them. Her language skills are really blossoming.

That's about all I can think of for now. I just wanted to record these things down before I forgot. Tralee sure is a little munchkin, and we sure do love her around here!


Stephen & Kendra said...

How cute. I love hearing stories about kids being funny. I can't make it to your shower because I will be in Utah, But I have a present for you and I will drop it off at Michelles. Not too much longer to go!!!!

Boom said...

Good read!

Love Mom