Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mind Nausea

I'm awake. Can't sleep. This is a frequent behavior of mine recently. It's 4:30 am and my mind is racing.

Racing with oh-s0-many thoughts. Some good. Some bad.

The good thoughts are mostly about the baby we'll welcome into this world in a few short weeks, all the money I saved with my coupons yesterday (I spent around $50 and saved over $100! Plus, with my thrifty deals I got several items for FREE!!), and about the cute little munchkin named Tralee. She brings us so much joy!

The bad ones are all the usual mumbo-jumbo. Finances (always finances), career choices, whether I should go back to school after the baby is born so that I can do medical transcription from home, whether or not we should keep this property or move on, whether or not I should apologize for chewing out our neighbor for not fixing the water pump and having our water turn off sporadically several days in a row (I didn't know I had it in me, but boy he got an earful! However, he later told Jim I hurt his feelings and now I feel bad), all the cleaning/laundry I've been putting off and REALLY need to get to, and more thoughts are circling around and around in my head.

It's dizzying, and because of my mind-nausea I can't sleep.

I guess I should try that saying: When you can't sleep, stop counting sheep and talk to The Shepard. Hopefully He can help. Well, we all know He can help.

So here I go, I'm off to talk to The Shepard and hopefully get a few hours of rest before The Munchkin wakes up and demands my attention.


Joni said...

Oh Leslie, I do that too. When I let my mind go I can't sleep for anything either. I hope you get better sleep tonight. I love you!

Necha said...

You yelled at someone!? I wish I could do that! I am the biggest push over!
As for the mind nausea...sorry to hear it. I was awake at 4:30 also. You should have called me! I was having night mares about teaching in Relief Society...which is my new calling. ekk!

Audie said...

I want to hear the whole story about yelling at your neighbor. We need to set up a date night...soon! And you need to teach me all about how you saved money shopping.

Jim said...


The most important thing is your newborn. Just focus on that - nothing else is that important now.

As for your neighbor - got over it!!! He deserved it - Oh and wait till your Mom gets there - He will have more than hurt feelings!

Heh - both Wisconsin and Marquette are playing in Boise this weekend for the NCAA tournament. Marquette will be playing Utah State!!

If I were there I would find a way to get tickets so Jim and I could go. Oh well :(

love dad

Boom said...

You are a daughter of God! Literally and spiritually! You can do anything that is right for you and your family. We are here to learn and grow. It is good to talk to the Shepherd. I was talking to Him myself the same time you were last night. It was 2:30 am here. Love you, Mom (Families are Forever - Is that not great! We have a long time to get everything figured out!)