Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shhhh. . . Somebody's 30 Today.

I'll give you 50 points if you can tell me who this is. I'll give you a hint: This same person is 30 today, but it's a secret. He doesn't want anybody to know, because apparently, when you turn 30, it officially means you're old. (No offense to people in their 30's, this isn't coming from me.)

So. . . I guess that means

Happy 29th+1 Birthday Jim!

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Stephen & Kendra said...

30 does seem kind of old. ha ha. I feel 40 if that accounts for anything. Da da Happy Birthday. (Gus from Cinderella) Hope you have a great day!

jenny said...

I just have to say that when I was in my 30's we had a Relief Society lesson on middle age. I finally raised my hand and asked just when was middle age and I was told it started at age 40. So you still have 10 wonderful young years to go.
Aunt Jenny

Joni said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

MattJulieGavin said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! And don't worry, 30 isn't considered old anymore. You're practically a baby still.

Michelle Burk said...

Jim--30 is nothing. You enjoy this birthday. They just get better and better.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Happy Birthday Old Fart! How did you old dudes (yes, you and Blake) get such young, gorgeous women like Leslie and myself?!
Hope you eat lots of ice cream!

susieq said...

Hey Jim - hope you had a wonderful day! We wish we could've been there, but we'll see you in April!! I love ya brother!!

amy said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Jim!! Well, my kids' uncle. Hope he had a good day! Also, I love your new page...the picture at top. And your pictures from your 'country walk' post! they were great! you should move here and we'll go into photography together! Jim and Jim can do cabinet stuff. and then the world will be perfect.

The Kelly Variety said...

That is old. . .I won't be 30 for like, another year!