Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vote and Other News

I'm still going through my Wisconsin photos, I have over 100 good ones to choose from, so be patient and you'll see those soon. Until then, why don't you vote as to whether you think this next baby will be a boy or a girl. We get to find out on the 22nd of this month, so stay tuned.

In other news, we went over to Jeff and Tricia's house last night to bring in their mail and it was very surreal to be there. Two weeks ago Trish and Jeff had us over for Sunday dinner. We ate Trish's yummy food and innocently discussed our plans for the Thanksgiving holiday. After I walked past the kitchen that had so many happy memories in it, I noticed a box of Christmas wrapping paper and bows sitting by the piano. I thought of Tricia's plans of sitting under a Christmas tree and wrapping up all the gifts she purchased for her grandkids. I then walked into the living room and noticed some of her clothes on the chair near her ironing board and I thought she probably had plans to iron after she got back from her Thanksgiving vacation in St. George. The kicker was when I walked into her bathroom and noticed her makeup bag and hair brushes on the counter. The brushes had strands of her long blond hair in them. I smiled at the irony and told the brushes, the ironing board, and wrapping paper to be patient, their owner would soon return and put them to use again. Then I whispered into the universe, "Hurry home Trish, this house needs you in it! WE need you in it." I quickly reminded myself, once more, to be patient and left Tricia's house with hope in my heart.


Amberly said...

Loved this walk through trish's life.. and I'm with you, she'll return and the until then the ironing will wait patiently, just like the rest of.

Necha said...

I voted boy! We have a mini Leslie, Now we need to see what in the world Jim would do with a mini Jim!! YAY!! But girls are great too, so either way...I'll be happy! (Since I know that you are doing this to please me!)

Joni said...

Well, that was nice. Thanks for making those little tears come outta my eyes.

I vote boy, but I will love a girl just the same. :)

Jim said...

Whoever votes for a girl will have to answer to me...... It's a BOY!!!!
Love Jim