Friday, December 19, 2008

After this, everyone will be doing it!

Tralee found a new use for Easter baskets. At first you might think, "huh, that's a little extreme." We like to look at Tralee as being fashion forward. Before you know it, everyone (probably ages two and under) will be sporting this look. We think it will really hit the U.S. this spring. Watch for it, and then when your kids are sporting their Easter baskets as head wear, you only have Tralee to thank for it.

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Ms. JoAnn said...

how stylish, when John was about that age he wore an 1 gal ice cream bucket on his head for weeks. Not near as colorful as Tralee's new hat.

Joni said...

She is seriously a goof! I wonder where she gets that from??

Boom said...

Hmmmm! That looks a little uncomfortable, the under arm thing! Otherwise, what a fun new fashion idea! She certainly is a thinker!