Friday, February 29, 2008

It was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Tralee got her first goose-egg yesterday. I was babysitting Jim's Aunt's kids for the day, and Tralee tripped over something and went head first into their solid wood desk. Luckily there were no sharp corners involved, just a big hunk of wood. Tralee cried for a good three or four minutes while I watched the goose-egg grow on her forehead. I felt so bad, but besides getting a bump on her head she seemed fine. We "yelled" at the desk. For some reason, whenever Tralee gets hurt, she doesn't want to be snuggled and comforted -- she'll just push you away -- but if you point your finger at the thing she bumped into and scold it, she'll stop crying. So, after I scolded the desk for doing such a naughty thing as to let Tralee bonk her head on it, Tralee calmed down and scolded the desk herself. She gave it quite a mouthful while waving her finger at it. It was pretty cute. I don't know if this is a good thing we do when she gets hurt, but it seems to make her feel better, and is the only thing, besides waiting it out, that will get her to stop crying.

I tried to get a picture of Tralee's first huge bump on her head, but the swelling has gone down considerably since yesterday. I took some pictures of Tralee eating a nectarine this morning, so maybe you can see a bit of the bruise on her forehead. It was pretty cute, I was cutting up the nectarine to add to her yogurt, but she wanted nothing to do with the yogurt and kept pointing to the nectarine on the counter, so I gave in a let her have it. She dug right in!! I was worried she might bite off too much and choke, but she was fine. When she had enough, she dropped the nectarine to the floor. What a funny girl!

Here's a few pictures of the rest of the clan I took within the last few days:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Nana

Today is my Nana's birthday. She's one of the most giving, kind, selfless, funny people I've been blessed with in my family. My childhood memories are filled with delightful moments spent with her. We've cooked, baked, swam, colored, shopped, laughed, painted nails, played dress up, sang, read stories, told stories, and more together. Nana 's face was always visible in the audience at each of my piano recitals. She came to every birthday party, visited me at home when I was sick, baked me yummy treats, taught me how to cook, shared her wisdom with me, and made me feel like I was the most important and special being ever made. I think she has a knack for making anyone she comes in contact with her to feel important and cared about.
I could have the worst day of my life, but after a few minutes at Nana's, eating a cookie from her cookie jar, and spending time with her and her bright personality I would feel refreshed and ready to go on.
Nana is constantly looking out for those around her. You could ask her to fly to the moon for you, and she would find a way to do it. She never asks for much in return. She honestly just wants her loved ones to be happy, healthy, and to sit down and enjoy one of her home cooked meals. Did I mention she's the best cook I know? I've been terribly sad that I've missed the last five Christmas Brunch's at her house. The food on Christmas morning is unspeakably delicious, but even if it wasn't, just sitting around Nana's dinning table you get filled up with love. She feeds your tummy and your soul. You never leave her house with an empty stomach or heart.
I can always count on a card, e-mail, phone call, or all three on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, or any other holiday with a little check, pictures, and kind note inside. When I get these notes it's like a warm hug reminding me that allthough Nana and I are now thousands of miles apart, she still thinks of me, cares for me, and would do anything she can to make sure I stay happy. I can think of no other person as thoughtful and kind as my Nana. I'm the luckiest Grand-daughter in the world, and hope that she knows how appreciated she is!
I think if everyone in the world followed my Nana's example, the world would be a much better place. If everyone cared for those around them with the passion she does, the world would be more peaceful, happier,and kinder.
Thank you Nana for making the world a brighter, friendlier place, and for always thinking of those around you. Your example astounds me, and I hope that someday I can live up to the example you have set for me. I also hope to teach Tralee to love and care for others in the selfless way you do. I'm so glad Tralee and you were able to sing songs and play together when I visited last summer. It's a memory I'll treasure forever! I only wish we lived closer so we could see you and eat your yummy food more often!

Happy Birthday Nana!!!!

Hugs and Kisses from Idaho!!!!

Cardboard Box = A Night of Fun!

So, Jim brought home a large cardboard box from work last night. It provided the entire family with a night of fun. Jim cut out a window and "skylight" for Tralee. Then we climbed inside and popped our heads out to surprise whoever wasn't in the box by yelling "Peek-a-boo!" Tralee got a kick out of this, whether she was the one doing it, or watching it. We also took our turns inside the box, and later we whipped out the crayons and drew all over it. Tralee was amused and enthralled for a good hour or two. How smart was Jim to bring the box home?

The down side is, it pretty much takes up our whole living room, so the box will have to leave us soon. But fun was had by all while it was here.

Just so you know, Tralee had some strawberries with dinner, so the red stuff around her neckline is strawberry juice.

Tralee loves Elmo! So, yesterday I found a little stuffed Elmo doll at a thrift store. It was new and still had the original tags on it and it was only a dollar, so I got it for her. Tralee seems to really like it. Every time I ask, "Where's Elmo?" She'll crawl around until she finds it, and then bring it over to me. It's pretty cute. She also likes giving Elmo kisses. Tralee hardly gives Jim and I kisses, but she'll kiss Corky our Pug, and all off her stuffies like there's no tomorrow! What's with that?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pushy Pushy

Last night after dinner and FHE I decided to go work out at the Y. I was just about to get ready when our doorbell rang. A lady handed Jim a packet of "shout" detergent then said, "I have one more thing to show you!" and headed towards her car. She came back carrying a large box that said, "Kirby" on the outside.

"Oh great, we've been suckered in" I thought as the lady walked right into our living room, took a seat, and started unpacking the vacuum. Jim and I are nice people, probably too nice, so instead of coming right out and saying "We're not interested. Please leave." We let the lady start her demonstration. She asked me to vacuum with my vacuum then showed me all the dirt mine wasn't picking up. "WOW!" Jim and I said in our fakest I'm-not-really-that-interested voice.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Kirby vacuums, in fact I grew up using my parent's Kirby in their house. I just can't afford to shell out $1000 for one. I mean, the lady should have looked around our house and made that judgment on her own. Our small living room doesn't exactly scream "WE HAVE MONEY." Anyways, the lady slowly got from informative, to annoying, to down right pushy! She said things like,

"Do you know that the dirtiest place in your house is your bed?" Then she showed us pictures of dust mites and explained that the reason our breath smells in the morning is because the dust mites poop in our mouths all night long. "But with the Kirby, you can suck those critters right out of dodge!" (Okay, she didn't really use that phrasing, but it was still pretty comical.) Jim and I kept rolling our eyes at one-another and laughing when the lady wasn't looking. She kept vacuuming and in between emptying out the cartridge that showed us how much dust and dirt we were living with she would spout out information about dirt, dust mites, and the Kirby vacuum. Then she would say, "How do you feel about that?"

"You mean how do I feel about dust mite poop? Pretty sad."

After about 20 minutes or so Jim politely explained that I had plans to go to the Y, and we just weren't interested. I think this only spurred her on. She said, "You mean, you're willing to let your daughter crawl around in this?" while pointing to the pile of dust the Kirby sucked out of our carpet. Jim's answer was, "Well, she's crawled in worse." The lady looked shocked at his reply, but didn't stop pushing the vacuum.

She started out offering us the Kirby for $1595. That's a joke! Then she asked us "How much do you think the Kirby's worth?" We told her "$1595." She looked at us like we were stupid and repeated, "Yes, but HOW much to you think it's WORTH?" We looked right back at her and said, "You told us the price is $1595, and we can't afford it!" The lady then explained that because of a special deal, she could finance us and offer the Kirby for only $1000. When we declined she put in a special call to her "boss" and came back with the price of $795. I was upstairs at this point getting into my work-out clothes. I heard her offer this price to Jim and when Jim declined she said, "I'll just wait for your wife to come down, and I'll offer that price to her." Uh, as if I'm going to say yes! I don't THINK SO!

Jim and I later decided how funny it would have been for us to start a huge argument over it. I would say, "Oh yes! That's the best offer, we'll take it!" Jim's response would be. "Now just wait a minute, I don't work hard all day to have you spend our money because you don't want bugs crapping in your mouth!!" I would scream, "They're not BUGS! They're MITES! And I hope one craps in your mouth tonight!!" I would ran upstairs crying while Jim said to the lady, "You better leave! I have some business to take care of!" While glaring up in my direction. Oh well, we thought of this prank too late. Maybe next time. The lady said she also sells Cutco knives, so maybe when she comes knocking on our door with those we'll be able to debut our acting skills then.

It took a while to get the lady out, but I still managed to go work out at the Y. Don't get me wrong, if Jim and I had thousands of dollars laying around I might have purchased the Kirby. I just think it's a little silly to put a vacuum on a payment plan, which is what the vacuum lady was all ready to do for us. No thanks. It was an amusing night, and I managed to get in a good workout, so not a total waist.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Basket Fun

I don't know why, but Tralee tries to fit into small, random places. Last night she dumped all of her books out of a basket we have downstairs, and decided to sit in it. What a silly girl!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grandma the Babysitter

For the first time last night Jim and I left Tralee with Grandma Tricia and Grandpa Jeff while we went to bowling league night . We followed the instructions from one of my parenting books that said to let the baby see you leave, wave "bye-bye," smile so the baby knows nothing is wrong, and then quickly leave. We did that, and Grandma said Tralee cried at first, but then once she realized we weren't coming back for her she did all right.

When we got back from bowling Tralee was almost asleep. However, she woke up a bit when she realized we were back, and she played peek-a-boo with Grandma and laughed with her. This was a huge step, because usually when she sees Grandma she just starts crying. So, to have her playing and laughing with Grandma was great. After a few more minutes Tralee fell asleep on my shoulder and when we got home we put her right to bed. It was so nice to have a night out with Jim! Hopefully Grandma and Grandpa will watch her again sometime.

As far as bowling goes, I did really well for me. All of my games were above my average. My average is 100 and I got 122, 118, 112!! That might not look like much to a good bowler, but that's awesome for me!! My teem mates were proud, and Jim said I bowled really well . . . for a thirteen year old. Oh well. I can only get better, right?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Change of Plans

Yesterday Jim went to install cabinets, and they weren't delivered yet. So at around 9:00 am Jim called and asked if I wanted to up to Garden Valley to play. Jim's cousin's Jake and Joann live up there, and a few weeks ago they invited everyone up for a sledding/swimming party on President's Day. I was more than excited to find out Jim didn't have to go work, and we could go play as a family. The only problem was, Tralee didn't have any snow pants. So, I remembered I saw some on clearance at Kohl's. As soon as Jim got home, I ran to Kohl's and found a cute snowsuit, and then I ran to Target to pick up some shoes for Tralee. Kohl's had a special going on where all of their clearance was an additional 25% off. Sweet! Then when I got to the register the lady told me if I applied for a Kohl's credit card I could pick a scratch card and get an additional amount off my purchase. I didn't want a credit card, because store card's interest rates are insane. However, the lady told me I didn't have to use the card on my purchase. So, I applied for one and my scratch card gave me an additional 30% off. I was so excited to see that my purchase that could have been over $50 only came to $13!! Now I just have to remember to cut up the Kohl's card when it comes in the mail. I made it back home just in time for Tricia to pick us up. Jim managed to get all of our sledding/swimming stuff together while I was purchasing snow clothes for Tralee. As soon as we packed up the car we were off!!We stopped in Meridian to pick up Aunt Michelle's three boys. Her husband and her were out of town, and we wanted to make sure the boys could come and have fun. I think their babysitters were relived to have three boys off their hands for the afternoon. We were glad to take them. They're good boys! We had fun on the hour and a half trip up. They had a Brite, Standin' Tall tape in the tape player. I loved those tapes/books when I was little. The theme we listened to was "courage." It brought back memories. Jim taught the boys new lyrics to one of the songs. The real song goes something like, "What do you do when somebody's taunting you?" The regular lyrics teach you to have courage to do the right thing. Instead Jim starting singing, "Beat 'em up! Beat 'em up!" Then he would say things like, "You kick them in the teeth, and flush 'em down the toilet!" The boys thought this new version of the song was hilarious and joined in. I think they sang every possible way to beat someone up including: using a baseball bat, gun, stick, and other dangerous objects. However, my favorite lyric was one that Mason made up, when the song said, "What do you do when someone is taunting you?" Mason's reply was, "You push them in the barn and have an animal poop on them!" I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes after that. After listening to the Brite tape three or four times the adults were ready for a break. Then Tricia made the mistake of saying "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." They boys took that as their cue to sing that song all the way to 0! That lasted a good half an hour or so. CRAZY! Tralee fell asleep towards the beginning of the trip with an Oreo in her mouth, and slept through all of the singing and laughing. She woke up right when we arrived at Jake and Joann's.
As soon as we were in Garden Valley we got bundled up in our snow clothes, waited for the rest of the crew to show up (cousin Theresa and her eight kids, Kathy and Nathan, and Krista). Then Jake, Joann, and their two kids, plus a few they were watching showed us up to the sledding spot. Tralee did really great at first. She loved it when I pulled her in the sled, and she tolerated being bundled up really well. I thought she would hate having shoes and mittens on since she's never wore them before. However, she had no qualms at all. She even crawled around and picked up snow, and had a great time. Then I made the mistake of going up the mountain and leaving Tralee with Grandma Tricia, so by the time I sled back down Tralee was screaming her head off. Jim wasn't around because he was helping Jake blow up sledding tubes. Tralee has major separation anxiety. Plus, it didn't help that she was getting tired again. I couldn't calm her down, so I took her to the van and got her to fall back asleep. After she was in slumber land, I carried Tralee back to the hill, layed her in a sled, and had some fun. I did a couple of tube trains with cousins, and went down by myself a few times. Jim brought his snowboard along, so he mostly went off jumps on that. Jim and I also sat in a tube and went down together.
When we were going full speed down the hill this little kid jumped right in front of us with his tube. We think he thought we were some of his family because he smiled and jumped right in front of us. We didn't have time to stop so we were screaming, "WATCH OUT!" The kid didn't listen and we rammed right into his tube. I saw him tumble in the air above us and land back on the tube. Jim said, "STUPID KID!" Then when we made it safely back to the bottom of the hill we turned around to see the kid slowly coming down looking rather sheepish. We asked if he was okay, and his parents said he was. I think he felt dumb because Jim called him stupid. But, what he did was pretty dumb! Who goes right in front of a couple coming FULL speed down the hill? Really! I'm just glad everyone was okay.

All the kids and adults really had a good time. Tralee even woke up from her nap and was ready to try a few runs. We only took her halfway up the hill, and went down in the tube. She smiled, but other than that there was no reaction. She had a ton of fun later on though.
After everyone had their fill of sledding, we changed into swim gear and headed up to the hot-spring pools. There were two pools, one that was just the perfect warm temperature that kids can play in, and another that was HOT for adults. Everyone had a blast swimming in the great outdoors in the middle of winter. Tralee especially loved it! I knew she would, she LOVES being in the water. Some of the kids got a kick out of our camera. They all wanted a picture of themselves under water. After about an hour or so, everyone was hungry, so we changed and head back to Jake and Joann's for dinner.
We had taco soup, chili, cornbread, salad, cake, and brownies to eat. Everyone devoured the food, talked, laughed, played games, and enjoyed each other's company. However, the fun had to come to an end because we had three boys that had school the next day with us. So, we loaded Tralee, Michelle's boys, Jim, Tricia, and myself back in the van and headed home with memories of a fun day running through our heads.

I'm supposed to be doing laundry and cleaning today, but so far I haven't really done anything productive. I also need to run some errands. I better get this posted and start working!

Here are two videos from yesterday. One is of Jim snowboarding, the other one is Tralee and I sledding. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

From One Kid to Six in One Weekend

Jim and I watched a family's kids this weekend. The parents went to Arizona, so we watched their four boys and one girl. Plus we had Tralee, so we went from having one kid to six kids in one weekend! Are we brave or what? The kids were well behaved for the most part. There were a few "moments" that weren't so great, but overall it wasn't too bad. Tralee had fun with their little girl. Jim and I now know that we will be able to handle more kids. So maybe in another year or two we'll add another one to our clan.

I don't have any new pictures to add, because we just got home late last night and I'm quite tired. I wasn't able to sleep while we were babysitting. For some reason I can't sleep well unless I'm in my own bed, or if I'm on vacation. I guess what I'm saying is I don't sleep well when I have extra stress. . . . say having six kids! At least I'm able to unwind and relax today, poor Jim had to wake up early and go install cabinets this morning. What a good husband and daddy! I hope he knows how much I appreciate and love him!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sesame Street

Tralee is really into Sesame Street now-a-days. She likes it when there's a song. I remember really enjoying Sesame Street as a kid, it's pretty clever. I have it on right now, and Grover is screaming for his friend "Stella." Stella's not answering so he's calling for a streetcar to pick him up. Ha ha! Now Cookie Monster is saying, "Thank you for watching Monster Piece Theater" and eating cookies. I don't know why I'm typing all this.

I worked out at the Y last night after FHE while Jim watched Tralee. I did the stationary bike and really pushed myself. When I got off the bike my legs felt like 100 ib weights were strapped to them. I also did some weight lifting, sit-ups, and push ups. I weighed myself this morning and discovered that I GAINED weight. Jim's already lost five pounds. What's with that? In fact, after he got out of the shower this morning he weighed himself again and said, "Oh, I lost another half a pound since I took a shower!" I wanted to take his towel and whip him with it. I guess I have to push myself a little harder, and watch what I eat a little closer. I would go work out tonight, but I have enrichment. I really enjoy chatting with women in our ward while Jim watches Tralee. It's nice to not worry about her for an hour or so and just have fun. Maybe Jim will be nice and let me go work out tomorrow morning, since I can't tonight.

I picked up some groceries, exchanged some jeans for Jim, and went to the bank today. Nothing really exciting is happening.

So, there you go and there you are.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a Few Days Practice Can Do

After just a few days, Tralee is walking around like a pro! That's all she wants to do now. If I set her down, and try to put her into a sitting position, she locks her legs and stands, then she takes off!!! I can't believe it! My daughter is turning into a little person!!! Bye bye babyhood.

Tralee's terrible-two's seems to have started early. If she doesn't get what she wants she starts screaming and fake crying. We, of course, don't give into her screams, and we try to find something to distract her. "Tralee, we don't scream when we don't get our way, screaming is inappropriate behavior. Instead of screaming let's play with this ball" (said at her eye-level). It almost always works, but I don't get where her temper came from. For instance, when I let Corky out yesterday, Tralee wanted to go outside too. She made a b-line for the open door, and when I said, "Tralee, you don't have socks on, and it's too cold for you outside" then I picked her up and shut the door she started screaming. When I set her down she started banging on the door. I thought, "if she's like this now, what's she going to be like in her teen years?" The little tantrum didn't last long, and when I mentioned taking a bath she calmed right down and got into bath mode. I think her mood also reflected the fact that she didn't get a good nap. Anyway, for all you people who have kids older than mine: Is this little tantrum thing normal for a one-year old? It would make me feel better if I know mine isn't the only kid that's doing this. Also, any tips to nip this new habit in the bud? Like I said, we don't give into her screams, and when she listens and is good she gets lots of praise. I was talking to some other Mom's at church today and they said girls are almost always worse than boys as far as screaming fits go. Don't get me wrong, Tralee is a happy, funny, little girl for the most part. Every once in a while (usually when she's cranky from lack of sleep) she behaves badly.

Well, I guess it's Sunday nap time, because Tralee and Jim are both snoozing. I need to do the dishes, then I might take my own Sunday Siesta. Good Bye!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, we joined the YMCA! So far we've used it everyday we've been a member. Day one (Monday) Tralee and I took advantage of their awesome indoor pool area. They have a "beach" area that has a nice padded floor, it has fountains, water splish-splashy things and the water gradually gets deeper. There are also two fun slides, a lazy river, lap pool, recreational pool, and spa. Tralee and I had fun in the beach area, and recreational pool. Tralee LOVES the water. She starts crawling and goes deeper and deeper until Mommy has to rescue her, or she would drown. She's not afraid at all. When I took her into the deeper water, she kept squirming and wanting to be on her own. Eventually I let her lay back on my shoulder -- belly up -- and as I walked around she just chilled. It was pretty cute. I wonder if being in water reminded her of being in my belly. Do you think she can still remember that? Anyways, the water was 85 degrees, so it was super nice! We really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday morning Jim got up and went to the Y to work out. I went this morning. I did the elliptical machine and several weight lifting machines. It felt good, but I got winded pretty quick. I need to make sure I work out at LEAST every other day so I can get back into shape. Before the winter weather I would go on two-mile walks everyday with Tralee and Corky, then come home and do sit-ups. But, I've slacked on working out once it got too cold to go outside with Tralee, so now I have no excuse! I'm so happy we belong to the Y, and I can't wait to get back into shape! I'm also glad Tralee and I have a fun place to go play when we get bored at home.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

She's Walking!!!!!!!

Church is Canceled!

Here are some pictures from what we woke up to this morning:

Snow Day!! Snow Day!! We got a phone call this morning to let us know church is canceled. So, we stayed in bed, watched a movie, and then got up and made crepes for breakfast. Snow days are great!! Don't get me wrong, too bad we couldn't go to church, but I'm glad I get to spend time with my family at home in our pjs!

Well, I guess I'll just post some cute pictures of Tralee on here.Okay, bye bye!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

American Girl Canadian Boy

Jim took the camera when he left to go snowboarding this afternoon, so I don't have any new pictures to post. That's one big difference about Jim and I. The weather outside is snowy and windy. I would rather be inside sipping hot chocolate and watching a good movie, and Jim would rather be playing in the yucky weather. In fact, yesterday he went ice fishing! Anyways, Jim seems to handle the cold weather fairly well, while I tend to cry like a baby if I'm too cold. That's not the only difference between my Canadian husband and myself, so I thought I would post a poem I wrote a while ago about our differences. I don't really have anything new to post anyways. I still feel like it needs some work, as I do with EVERYTHING I write, but it's just for fun, so enjoy!

Canadian Boy & USA Girl

He never placed his hand
against his breast
and repeated the anthem
that makes America blest

Instead he sang
about his native home
a wintery place
where mounties roam

She never fashioned
a toque to her head
or plugged in her car
to put it to bed

These things were
foreign to this poor lass
until she met a boy
with a Canadian past

And so he and she met
and started dating
but not without finding
a few things agitating

She thought him odd
for ending his phrases with “eh”
and standing guard for a symbol
that could blow away

He thought her mad
for never tasting a Wonderbar
and for not understanding what
Kilometers and Celsius are

And onward they argued
over what sport is the best
“Football!” she cried out
“No, Hockey!” he argued in jest

He rolled his eyes when she asked
“Can we put the heat on please?”
While he wore a t-shirt and shorts
in -40 degrees

He wished for Nanaimo bars
when it was brownies she bought
She wished to be called his “sweetheart”
But it was “Hey Hoser” she got.

And onward it went
and onward it goes
because Ms. America said “yes”
When the Canadian proposed

Now several years later
they’re still butting heads
He wants her to say “grade two”
But she says “second grade” instead

Whenever they snuggle
and watch some T.V
the boy mentions “Pam Anderson is Canadian
as well as Jim Carrey.”

The girl just rolls her eyes and
ignores his pride
Even as he jumps at the Lebatt Blue ad
and pushes her aside

She knows he will never think
the US is better
and she will never reside
where everyday you must wear a sweater

But don’t get me wrong
she loves the Great White North
it’s where her man is from
So it gotta be great, of course.

And he would never trade her
for a Canadian girl
For her he would even
Give US traditions a whirl

They’ve made peace with their differences
and moved on ahead
Their love is greater than places
at least that’s what they’ve said