Sunday, July 20, 2014

June/July iphone Photo Plop

Below are a few pictures of our comings and goings at the end of June and start of July.

Headstands at the park.

I went out to run some errands and took along a self-proclaimed pop/dance star and a superman/knight boy.

Below is Tralee eating at the food court at the mall, looking all stylish in her get-up.

While I was trying some clothes on, the kids were modeling for passers-by at the mall.  

Our friends and neighbors invited us to go blueberry picking.  Hunter is pictured below with his best buddy, Allie.  While picking berries, these two were being unbelievably cute whispering things like, "I made a wish, and it was that we would be best friends forever" and "Normally I wouldn't like to do this, but I'm having so much fun because you're here."  We ended the day with pizza and swimming.  Fun times.

Our fellow Canadian neighbors invited us over to watch fireworks on Canada Day.

Tralee put together a very appropriate outfit for Canada day.

Jim was working on the Fourth of July, so the kids and I spent the day walking around the chalk festival, eating pizza at Flying Pie, and going to our cousins house to swim, eat some BBQ, and watch the big fireworks from their backyard.

Tralee helped me design her Fourth of July outfit.  It turned out pretty cute.

Hey fellow moms, do you ever feel like the Momma Duck with her little ducklings trailing behind her?

Our fourth was a lot of fun.  We were all tuckered out by the end of it.  

Before we knew it, Jim came back from his work trip, and we left for Canada. . . AGAIN!

More Canadian shenanigans coming soon!

Canada in June - Part Two

The rest of our Canadian vacay in June included more fishing, golfing for Jim, trips to Waterton National Park, and one last stop at a fossil store.  Pictures are worth a thousand words. . . so I give you about 37,000 words below.

The next few photos below are of us waiting in the car for the rain to stop so we could go get ice cream.

The rain FINALLY lightened up a bit so we could enjoy some Big Scoop ice cream.

 Before we left Waterton, we drove up to Red Rock Canyon.  Usually, Red Rock is pretty docile.  In fact, we often walk right across the mild water flowing along the red rocks.  However, on this particular visit to Waterton there had been several days of rain and flooding, so Red Rock was RAGING!  In fact, we could hear large boulders being swept up and banging their way under the H2O.  In this particular situation, one would think to stay AWAY from the water.  However, if you're my husband, raging dangerous water means you get as close as you can, and throw fallen trees into the rapids to watch what happens.  Pictures of that below.

Cammi and Jim.  Typical picture with my hubby.

Ross, Cammi, and Jim

Throwing fallen limbs into the raging water

This gives you a small idea of how crazy the water was this day.  Look how tiny Jim is in comparison.
On our way out of the park, we saw our second bear of the day.

Hi Mister Bear!!!

Just a picture of my manly man and myself

We drove through Waterton on our way home, and stopped for some photo ops.

Our last stop was at a Fossil store in Montana.  Another wondrous place for Hunty Dizzle.

I even got in on the rock action.  I picked out a heart-shaped Dalmatian Jasper stone to help "cleanse my aura."  Jim said he got mad just looking at the witch-crafteriness (is that a word?) or the rock, while my aura was getting nice and cleansed.

One last thing about our June Canada trip.  Since it had been raining a lot before our trip, all the rivers up their were muddy, and resembled Chocolate Milk.  So, everytime we passed a river, we told the kids to check out the chocolate milk.  After that, any water we passed (whether it was crystal clear or muddy) Hunter announced, "LOOK AT THE CHOCOLATE MILK!"  It was cute.

Our June trip to Canada was a blast.  I'm so glad we got to go back in July!!