Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latest Accomplishments and a Set Back

Tralee now knows how to use the word "uh-oh!" which is really cute. Sometimes she drops things on purpose just to hear herself say "uh-oh!"

Tralee has also been using the phrase "I guck!" not to be confused with "Uck" It took us a day to realize she was actually saying "I'm stuck." "Uck" is her word for duck. Tralee says "I guck" if she wants her clothes taken off, if she can't reach something, or if she's in her car seat and wants out ASAP! She's a smart little thing.

I'm also amazed at how good Tralee is at puzzles. She knows just where the pieces go. Grammy Char Char also got Tralee some cute books where you have to put a certain animal or food on a certain page. I'm amazed that Tralee gets it right EVERY TIME!

Tralee also amazes me when we're doing anything involving the alphabet. The girl isn't even two yet, and she can correctly identify most letters when we ask. She also says and points to and does the sound for the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, H, K, L, M, O, P, S, T, Z.

Tralee is now counting to three as well. She actually counts higher than that, but one, two, and three are the only words you can actually make out.

Much to Jim's dismay Tralee is in love with all-things-cat. Any puzzle we have with a cat, Tralee takes the kitty out first and carries it around. There's a book we have with a cat in it and Tralee turns to that page first. My mom got her some books that you can pull the animals out of, and Tralee always pulls the cat out, gives it a kiss, and walks around with it all day. When we try to get her to put it back, she refuses. We have to wait for her to set it down, and then quickly put it back in the book. When we were in Wisconsin Tralee found one of Haylee's cat stuffies and carried it around with her everywhere. As soon as we pull in front of Petco Tralee starts meowing, and runs up to the cats you can adopt. The only thing that will tear her away is the promise to look at the fishes. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Tralee's mostly enamored by orange cats. I'm not sure why. I want to find an orange stuffed animal cat for her for Christmas. So, if you know where I can find one, let me know.

One thing we're not too pleased with regarding Tralee is screaming. Tralee doesn't like hearing the word "no" although she can dish it out like no other. Whenever we have to tell her "no" she usually growls, roars like a bear (seriously), or SCREAMS! For instance, she wanted to play with a bottle of vaseline today, and I wasn't to keen on cleaning up the mess that could make, so I took it away from her. It wasn't easy. Whoever said taking candy away from a baby was easy obviously never did it. Tralee had a death grip on the vaseline. When I finally pried it from her grasp she looked at me, her face got bright red, and she screamed as loud as those lungs would let her. I swiftly got to her level and said as Supernanny-ish as I could "We DO NOT scream when things don't go our way! It's inappropriate behavior. If you do it again, you go to time out." She pouted at me another minute, and just when I turned away another high pitched scream erupted from those sweet little lips. So, to time-out she went. After a minute of hanging out in our designated "time-out" area (the half bath downstairs) I opened the door and, just as those Super Nanny episodes taught me I got to Tralee's level and explained why she was in time out, and then asked for a hug. She obliged and went off to play. The only problem is, this keeps happening. The time outs don't seem to work. She still screams when she's ticked off. When this happens part of me wants to laugh because, honestly, it's so cute to see her little face all pouty and mad, and the other part of me wants to be a good mom and nip this behavior in the bud. We're working on it.

I just thought I better document the latest info on Tralee, so I don't forget it. I never thought I would forget things about my baby, but as I was watching a video of Tralee from last year I was shocked at how much she's changed in one year. This whole growing up thing really does go by fast. She changes everyday. It's exciting and sad. I would love to keep her my little baby forever, but at the same time I can't wait to see what else this little girl comes up with.


Amberly said...

I think these records are priceless. It's amazing what will slip your mind from one child to the next, you'll be glad you can look back and see what she is doing right now.

Hannah S said...

Yes, I totally agree with it all. oh, the screaming......and the tantrums drive me nuts. With Samuel it was okay but it's worse w/Jocelyn. That's great that she knows the alphabet!
Sweet post about the letter to Trisha.
And I love the WI pictures. Looks like you did a lot!

Heather said...

We went through the screaming thing with Allie. I fully believe that by our last child, we will be majorly hearing-impaired. We tried everything with Allie, too. For her, the only thing that helped was for us to ignore her screaming behavior. She would bellow all-out and we would just continue with our business without even looking her in the eye. It only took her a couple of days to stop. Good luck! Good thing ear-muffs are in season...they may help!!!

Audie said...

I miss that little girl. Jovie talks about her all the time. With the screaming, it takes a while for it to click in. Keep trying to put her in time'll eventually click! Good luck!

Boom said...

Thanks for the memories! Love you lots! Mom