Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Guck!

The other day I heard Tralee saying "I guck. I guck." I followed the sound of her voice only to find this happening in our room:

Yes, she sure was stuck! I grabbed the camera and took this shot, before I helped her out of our blinds. Only one blind was broken, and we have a replacement for it. So, no harm, no foul. However, since this happened, I've attempted to teach Tralee that we do not play in the window blinds. It hasn't sunk in yet. We're working on it.

In other news, Tralee has learned her colors. While at Jim's Uncle's house, his kids had a Twister game out, and each time we asked Tralee to find a color, she would point to the correct one. Then, today at Church, as she was munching on some Fruit Loops, she picked out a yellow one, looked up at me and said, "Lellow!" I whispered, "That's right, that's yellow! Good girl!" She popped the yellow Fruit Loop in her mouth, and then picked out a blue one, looked up at me and said, "Boo!" I praised her once more, and waited for her to name another color. She didn't dissapoint, and next picked out a green Fruit Loop and announced, "gween" and then munched on it as well. What a smart little girl!!
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Boom said...

How about a video one of these days!

Hannah S said...

That's hilarious! Though not to have to replace what is the situation on you moving?

Joni said...

I love that you left her in the blinds while you got the camera to snap the picture! She's a funny girl!! Gween! :)

Cammi said...

hahah.. oh man I laughed so hard... so funny, I can't wait to come visit!!