Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Grandma Trishy From Tralee

Dear Grandma,

I've been thinking that you've probably had a nice stay Up There visiting with loved ones, filled with light and happiness, and feeling pretty good. Here's the thing, my memories from Up There are fading everyday, and I could really use someone to fill me in on the news from whence I came. I know you're probably in a different division of Heaven than from where I came. I was in Outgoing and I'm pretty sure you've been visiting with the folks in Incoming, but either way you've been closer to my Heavenly Home than anyone else I know down here. So, I was wondering if you might be able to come back soon and remind me what it's like in the Heavens. I know it's difficult to leave and say your goodbyes to everyone Up There, but there's still quite a few folks that are anxiously awaiting your safe arrival back to the earthly realm. I know it's important for your body to rest and all, but if you could come back to us sooner rather than later I would really appreciate it.

I thought a song might help you wake up faster. My mom likes to sing to me when I wake up, so I thought I'd give it a shot too. I can't really sing yet, so I'm just going to post a song I first heard on a very important and informative show. It REALLY got me movin' so I thought it might do the same for you.

Here goes nothin'.

Love you Grandma Trishy and for goodness sakes, wake up!!

Waiting Patiently (well, trying to),

Tralee Marie Jacobs


JoAnn Fowler - GV Daycare said...

what a sweet letter and I love the song. wake up already!!

Michelle Burk said...

I think the wake up song worked!! She opened her eyes this weekend. It must all be because of you, Tralee. Thanks!