Monday, December 29, 2008

For Those of You Who Don't Know

Here's the story with us moving. About a year ago Jim purchased two acres of land out in the country. The land had an old manufactured home on it, and a little shop. The plan was for us to live in the house, and Jim would work from the shop. The problem was, the house wasn't livable. Slowly but surely Jim worked on fixing up the house, and in a year we've poured a foundation, and pretty much gave the entire inside a face-lift including new floors, new paint, new doors, etc.
There's still some stuff that needs to be done, but when it became livable we moved in. Also, with the economy as it is and Jim's work slowing down, we really couldn't afford two housing payments anymore. So, with the house still not 100% complete, we decided it was time to move into it anyways, and fix up the rest after we moved. There's really not too much left to do to the inside. Small things like light fixtures changed, finish painting the kitchen, closet doors hung, shelves built, are what's left. Jim also needs to finish the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. As of right now we're still using cardboard shelves Jim's Aunt Michelle helped me fashion after we moved in. They look great (sense the sarcasm) but they're functionable (is that a word?), and that's all the matters.

When spring comes, Jim has plans to fix up the outside of the house. It needs a little TLC as well. As does the landscaping. It will all get done slowly but surely. For now we feel comfortable enough to call this place our little home for a spell. We're surrounded by peach and apple orchards, as well as vineyards. We're definitely out in the country. When I look out of my kitchen window I see chickens running around and our neighbor's horses. It's different, but change is good.

We're not planning on staying here forever. We're hoping by the time this place is done, we'll be able to sell it and move onto something else. However, for the time being this is home.


Hannah S said...

Thank you for filling us in! Sounds like you are out in the boonies. So did you have to switch wards and all that? Did you already sell your other place? Change can be good, right?

Ms. JoAnn said...

It sounds like youre not a big fan of the country life, huh? When are you and Jim going to come up and try out the new tubeing hill with us?

Necha said...

It sounds incredible to me! I would love to live in the country! And I'll bet when you are done with the house it will look AMAZING!! After you finish, we could trade houses if you want! I want to see pictures of these orchards and chickens...and the house too!