Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thanks Jim!

Last night we were out on our deck, coloring with sidewalk chalk. Tralee picked up a piece and acted like she wanted to color on herself. I've been trying really hard to teach Tralee that we only color on certain things (paper, sidewalk, her cardboard box, etc) NOT on ourselves! Just as I was about to remind Tralee, "We don't color on ourselves!" Jim picked up a piece of chalk and made a mark on Tralee's arm. Tralee followed suite and colored on her arm as well. Then Jim held out his arm and said, "color on me!"

"JIM! Don't teach Tralee it's okay to color on herself!" I begged. Jim just laughed and reminded me that it was "only chalk!" and that it "cleans off easily." I reminded Jim that, yes, it was only chalk, however now he set a precedent that it's okay to color on our bodies. He argued it didn't, and so I gave up and let Jim and Tralee draw on themselves with chalk. I hoped that everything I taught Tralee about NOT coloring on ourselves stuck in her head. It didn't.

This morning I found Tralee under our computer table with a marker we got from some bank scribbling all over her body. She's been so good about not coloring on herself up to this point!
All I can say is, Jim, you're in TROUBLE!!! I'm going to go give Tralee a bath now.



Boom said...

Nice paint job! I hope they were washable markers!

Jim said...

That is awesome!!!! I'm going to get Tralee a package of permanent markers just to see what will happen!!!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oooh, Jim better watch out!

Tricia said...

YEAH!! I agree with Leslie, Who raised that boy anyway??? ( oh yeah, I did..... )
His mother tried to teach him the same thing your are trying to teach. Now you can see some of the reasons things don't always work out.... (Heavenly Father does want two parents.... Heavenly Father does want two parents.... Heav...)

Jim said...

I hope this does not mean my granddaughter will be partial to the body art stuff!!

Necha said...

*giggle giggle* (that is all I have to say...just imagine me giggling.)

Hannah S said...

grrrrrr. Tyler does the same thing! Encourages/adds to problematic behavior (loudness, screaming at inappropriate places, etc) I think it's spelled "precedent" We have to get together and see our husbands play together while we just sit and talk.
OH, and LOVE the new background ( or if it's new I didn't notice until now bcse of bloglines).
I wish we had a need for Jim's profession right now.