Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rock Climbing -- Kind Of.

The YMCA Jim and I go to has a pretty decent rock climbing wall. Jim and I have never used it until recently because Tralee didn't do well at the kid watch. Now Tralee is doing so much better that Jim and I have been dropping her off and taking advantage of the rock climbing wall. I love it! I've never really climbed anything before (except for trees when I was little), and I was really nervous at first. However, I'm getting a little better every time we go. There's about ten different climbing ropes, each one in front of a different level of difficulty on the wall. I've climbed to the top of most of the easier ones, but there's quite a few I've only gotten 1/2 way up.

I was also scarred to belay Jim. I had never done it before and I didn't want to mess up and accidentally kill him. Turns out, belaying isn't that complicated as long as you're paying attention. I can't imagine what REAL rock climbing is like. Probably a bit more of a rush than climbing a rock wall, but I'm pretty satisfied with the experience we're having at the Y. It's a blast. I'm glad Jim and I found something we both love to do together.

On our way home from the Y tonight we noticed a Greek restaurant opened up near our house, so we stopped for dinner and ate some Gyros. Tralee even had a few bites of mine. They were good! It was a great night!

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