Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Museum Day

Tralee and I left home this morning and headed towards downtown Boise. As I've mentioned before the first Wednesday of every month is Toddler Wednesday at the Boise Art Museum, so we went to that. I was able to see some old colleagues at the museum as well, which is always fun.

There were some GREAT exhibitions happening right now. One of which was:

I've only seen Remington's art in books and on the internet, so to see the originals close up was exciting!! I purchased a little kid's book about Remington at BAM's store. Hopefully Tralee will enjoy it when she's a little older.

The Toddler Art experience was based on the MK Guth exhibit titled Ties of Protection and Safe Keeping.

When you walk through BAM's doors you see 1,500 feet of interactive braided sculpture. Woven into the braid are hundreds of ribbons on which people have written responses to the question “What is worth protecting?” There were words like dreams, children, life, the world, all in different people's handwriting tied into the braid.

Tralee worked with fabric and ribbon in the art studio. I don't think she was too into it, but she managed to pick out some fabric to place on a sticky sheet of paper, and then she colored on that with markers. I'll have to post a picture of the finished product later.

My FAVORITE exhibition of the day was Catherine Chalmers: American Cockroach
Here's a blurb about the exhibit found on BAM's web page: "Chalmers explores the question of what it is to be human and what is man's relationship to the insect world, examining preconceived notions about insects and specimens." Furthermore, "American Cockroach offers up an ecosystem where the laws of roach life and survival become strange and distorted human manifestations, not so much a biology but a mythology of the common house roach." There were photographs much like the one above, videos, artwork done using cockroach body parts, and a giant resin and rubber cockroach hanging from a nuse in the middle of a gallary. I loved it!

When we were done at BAM we walked over to the

where we saw the infamous two-headed cow we've heard so much about. I'm not sure if these hats are always on the cow's head, but the museum had an exhibit about the Free Masons, so I think they must have put these hats on the cow. The Free Mason exhibit was very interesting. I didn't get to read very much about it, as it was getting close to lunch time and Tralee was getting fussy.

This is the last picture I took of our Museum Day.

We went out to lunch afterwards, came home, and Tralee took a nice long nap!

We had a fun day!


Hannah S said...

what a great day! Two museums in one day, wow! You are so cultured, I love it!

Jim said...

I love Remmington's Art.


Boom said...

Great Posts Leslie! Thank you!