Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tralee's Idea of Fun

I went visiting teaching this morning and came home to find Corky in a tie. The night before Jim went to mutual and taught the young men how to tie ties. So, we still had ten or so ties downstairs. While I was gone, Tralee became obsessed with trying to dress Corky in Daddy's ties. Jim stepped in and helped Tralee dress her dog. Doesn't Corky look nice?

Tralee sure loved it. She loved it so much, when I got back she was still placing ties all over her doggy. Corky is so good, she just sat there patiently while Tralee draped ties all over her. What a sweet little dog! She's so patient with Tralee, and we sure appreciate that since Tralee absolutely ADORES Corky. Tralee's face lights up whenever doggy walks into the room. We joke that Tralee's priorities go like this:

Corky WAAAAAYYYY on top

Mommy somewhere a little below Corky
Daddy a tiny bit below Mommy

Everyone else down here.

We're hoping Daddy and Mommy are tied pretty soon, or that we're higher on the pedestal than our dog. Either way, Tralee loves us and we love her. She's the light of our lives. So, life is pretty great!


Hannah S said...

Who can't resist that little face? He/she does put up w/a lot, I am sure. Especially from those bigger pesky dogs. How fun for her to have a playmate that does whatever she wants it to.

Boom said...

Corky Rocks!