Monday, August 4, 2008

Sue and Joni's Visit

Jim's oldest sister Sue and her five kids drove to Boise from Reno on Wednesday afternoon. We played at Eagle Island park with them and some of Jim's extended family on Thursday. We hung out on Friday and Joni (second to the youngest of the Jacobs kids) joined us as well. Joni drove up from Evanston, WY. We had a little mini reunion with two of Jim's sisters. It was quite nice. Friday night Joni, Tralee, Jim, and I drove out to Ice World for Jim's hockey game. Jared Jacobs was playing hockey as well, so Audie and her two girls joined us there. We had fun visiting at Ice Word. Audie and I mostly talked about the release of Breaking Dawn and the wonder that is Edward Cullen (swoon).

Saturday we started the day hanging out at Tricia's and canning jam. However, Jim, Joni, and I got restless and wanted to have a little fun so we ditched the canning frenzy and went out to lunch. I also had a gift card for the Cheesecake Factory so we drove there and picked up some cheesecake for everyone to share. Yum.

Saturday night Tricia's work was hosting a party at the YMCA so we partied at the Y. This was the only event I thought to bring my camera to. So. . . here are some pictures of the gang at the Y.

Henry and Keaton (Sue's eldest children) being goofy outside the Y

Tralee raiding the chip bowls

After dinner a group of guys got a dodge ball game going. I like this picture because you can see Henry and Jim throwing their dodge balls, and then I just noticed that Keaton is in the bottom right corner hiding behind another dude. I didn't even realize all three of our dodge ball players were in the same shot! Awesome!
Henry swimming

Keaton underwater shot

Katie underwater
This is the best shot I got of Kelly. The girl wouldn't stay still for a picture.

Sue, Tralee, Colleen, and Joni

Chubby Wubby Colleen. Gotta love chubby babies!!

We had a good time at the Y.

Sunday afternoon Tricia and Jeff invited everyone over for a BBQ. Jared and Audie showed up with their two girls as well. It was nice.

We had a fun weekend with family. Thanks for visiting Sue and Joni!!

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