Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are ya kidding me?

What's with dogs in this neck-of-the-woods? Seriously! Tonight we had another dog incident while on a walk.

Our first dog incident happened when Tralee was three months old and three pit bulls surrounded us while on a walk.

The next one happened a few months ago when a black dog attacked Corky. It was a territorial thing. We walked by its house.

A few weeks later this same dog ran up to us (we were nowhere near its house) and attacked Corky again. I could hear its owners yelling, "here puppy!" Puppy? Are ya kidding me? It might have been a bit of an over reaction but I yelled at the owners, "Keep your dog away from my dog! Your dog attacks mine!" No more incidents happened since then . . . .until tonight.

I was on our usual walking route when I passed a property that has been vacant all summer. A family just moved in, and with them came a large brown dog. As we walked by their dog ran right up to their fence and started barking. "Well, at least there's a fence" I thought. On our way back the dog ran up to the fence again, only this time it managed to squeeze its way between the fence's door. Then it barred its teeth while growling menacingly, and went in to bite Corky. My instincts took over, and I yelled at the dog. "HEY!! GO HOME!!" I made myself as big as possible, and the dog retreated -- tail between legs. I can be tough when it comes to my family -- dog included!

Anyways, back to my question: What's with the dogs around here? I never came across menacing dogs where I grew up. Maybe that's because I grew up with a German Shepard, and no other dogs wanted to take their chance attacking her. But Shasta NEVER attacked anyone or their dogs -- she was VERY well trained! Corky, our pug, probably looks like a yummy meal to all these big dogs around here. But still, shouldn't dog owners take a little more time teaching their dogs manners i.e. don't attack other dogs. Shouldn't owners take pride in their additional family member and get them tagged, trained, vaccinated, and spayed and neutered? It seems like a lot of people around here don't care about these things. Maybe I'm weird, but I just believe when you take on the responsibly of a family pet you should do just that: Be Responsible.


Audie said...

OK first of all you live in Caldwell. That's your first problem. Second of all you live in Caldwell and don't carry a hand gun everywhere you go. Get yourself a nice little pistol and the problem will go away. Even if you just get a beebee gun. Think of those dogs as old yeller dogs and open fire. Just tell yourself they have rabbies and that justifies it.

Boom said...

I love the way you say things! I agree with Jared!

Necha said...

ha ha-Firstly-I liked the comment by "audie." That is a good idea!!
Secondly-What the heck IS wrong with the dogs there!? That never happens to me...except the one incident just like yours where I took Tessa on her very first walk when she was tiny-and we got surrounded by german shepherds. SCARY! But nothing like that has ever happend to me again and all of the "big" dogs I run into are SO nice and friendly! I think you should move here!!! Then our kids can play together...it's better all the way around! I'll start keeping my eye open for a nice house for you! See ya soon in good ol' Evanston! YAY

Jim said...


Although a pistol is a great idea, it probably is a little extreme. Besides, you would probably miss and blow it's tail off and then feel bad about what you did or miss the dog and kill the owner and spend the rest of your life in pen.

Seriously, have Jim get you some pepper spray - one shot of that in the eyes and any dog will develop a great respect for you.


Channing said...

Oh my leslie, this is so funny. Pooor corky. He likes to pee in beds and then he gets in trouble with all the neighborhood dogs. Oh corky. oh ps i started a blog.

love ya

Tricia said...

I like your dads idea. A little pepper spray and they will be running from you when they see you.
Love you,

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Hear, hear! Too many dumb dog owners out there who can't even keep good care of them. I like your dads idea;)