Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Search Tag

Here's how it works:

For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search. Then choose your favorite image from the first page of results only and post them on your blog. You get some fun and often CRYPTIC answers. If you need clarification on any of them leave a comment.

Here's mine:

What is your first name?

What's your middle name?
Last Name?

Nick Name?
What is your current age?

What's your favorite color?

Favorite Animal?

Favorite Food?
Favorite Object?
What was/is your college degree?

What are you doing right now?

What's your grandmother's name?
What was your first real job?

Name a bad habit you have.

What was your first pet's name?

What city were you born in?
(I wish this were really the place I was born!)

Where do you live now?

Where's your favorite place to be?

Name a place you'd like to visit someday.

I tag whoever wants to do this.

1 comment:

Necha said...

FUN! I am going to do it too!! I can tell by some of your pictures that we have a lot of the same "favorites" !! :)