Monday, September 1, 2008

Bouncy House

About a month ago I was in Walmart when I came across a Little Tikes bouncy house. It was originally way out of our price range, but as Walmart was clearing out lots of their "summer" toys, they had it marked WAY down. It wasn't exactly in our budget at the time, but after calling Jim we agreed that we should buy it and save it for Tralee's big Christmas present from us. So, I went to the bank and took some moola out of our Christmas fund. As I headed back towards Walmart I worried that maybe it would already be gone, since there was only two bouncy houses left. Luckily one remained when I returned. It was meant to be.

I came home, dutifully put the big box containing Tralee's Christmas gift in our garage, and put it out of my mind. This is usually hard for me, because I hate keeping things a secret, and almost always give people their presents early. I just can't wait! Jim's usually the one that can keep presents a secret. So, I was surprised when a few nights ago Jim announced, "I can't wait any longer! I want Tralee to bounce around in her bouncy house right now! It'll be too cold at Christmas!" I too wanted to see Tralee bounce around, so we set it up right there and then! I know, we're awful! We sure had fun playing in the bouncy house in nice warm weather though!

These are the pictures from our early Christmas celebration.

Tralee wondering what Daddy is up to
Tralee in her new bouncy house

Whatcha doin' Mom?

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Cute Girl

Nice face Tralee

Well hello there!

Thanks for my present Dad!

We hope to use this bouncy house for many celebrations to come. We're still going to set it up on Christmas, since it IS Tralee's Christmas present!


Boom said...

Holy Cow! What a great present! How long does it take to blow up and collapse. If you were at Chicken Dinner Road you could probably leave it pumped up and pull it into a shed.

Audie said...

Love the pictures! And I love the fact that Tralee has one croc on in them. She sure is attached to those shoes!!! We need to come over for bouncy house fun sometime! Jovie's obsessed with those things.

Jojo's Circus said...

Yay! What a great gift! I bet she loves her bouncy house! Those are great pictures- the one of her peaking through the mesh cracks me up! =)

Necha said...

We are coming to your house to play!

Hannah S said...

How fun! That's funny that you both wanted to pull it out early. That's a great way for her to grow accustomed to those types of things (bcse it's sooooo important to) bcse when I try to have my kids go in they freak out! And that is great for B-day parties and family gatherings to come!

Croslands said...

What a great gift for Tralee. Who had the bigger smile that day. Tralee or Mom and Dad?

MattJulieGavin said...

you guys are awesome! can i please come play at your house?